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Collabourate with agencies, clients, contractors and staff

Increase your chances of bringing products to market on time, delivering results within budget and allocating resources successfully by utilising an efficient project portfolio management solution. KeyedIn Projects not only systematically improves your project management processes internally, it can also help you to better plan for, and scope, external projects, agency time, compliancy applications and sub-contractor work for improved overall results.

Take control of projects and new opportunities

It is not only essential to have an advanced project management system, it is also vital to be able to free time and resources to utilise in other areas, such as identifying new opportunities and driving innovation. With the help of KeyedIn Projects, you not only adopt a streamlined and efficient working practice, you can also quickly and effectively reallocate resources, budget and time to concentrate on key areas and objectives, with the help of accurate, real-time project status reporting.

Remain Competitve, even in the Face of Growing Compliance

Government budgets and protocols, earned value management systems, compliancy requirements and a reliance on external contracts can all affect your project budget, scope and resources. KeyedIn Projects helps to accurately manage project lifecycle, budget allocated and spent, resources required and overall scope, so that you are better prepared for external constraints and can work around delays without it affecting delivery.

Standardise Routine Functions, Minimising Wasted Admin Hours

Time is critical in the aerospace industries, with vast contracts requiring immediate attention and extensive amounts of time, while the need to remain within budget grows ever more vital. With the help of KeyedIn Projects, you can slash administrative hours by creating automated routines and daily tasks that will free up time and resources. By systematically reducing time spent on customary tasks, you can concentrate on budget and talent, investing it instead into the most profitable aspects of the business.

Improve the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Project Organisation

It has never been more critical for aerospace companies to execute projects on time, in scope and within budget - not only to deliver for clients and stakeholders, but also to retain a competitive advantage. As compliance gets more complicated, budgets get tighter and resources are required elsewhere, a comprehensive Project Portfolio Management solution can massively benefit the efficiency and productivity of your project organisation. KeyedIn Projects provides much needed visibility and control over the entire project and programme management process, as well as enabling the more efficient use of resources, while improving project selection.


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