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Better manage projects, resources, contracts, time and expenses

KeyedIn Projects helps architecture firms to better manage projects, time, resources, contracts and expenses; from the smallest set-up through to the largest organisation. KeyedIn Projects a flexible solution to assigning projects, monitoring design and building deliverables, liaising with clients, contractors and colleagues and keeping all projects on track, on time and within budget. By providing much needed visibility and control over the entire project and programme management process, as well as enabling the more efficient use of resources, while improving project selection, KeyedIn Projects for Architects delivers a number of key benefits.

Optimise and Streamline Planning, Tracking and Reporting

Get detailed data and statistics, on one easy-to-use dashboard, across all projects and phases. KeyedIn Projects keeps your team up to date with accurate information at every stage of the project, from design and development through to construction and client management. Similarly, reports are easily compiled and shared for basic or detailed overviews of time logs, project status, progress, forecasts and project budgets.

Better Organise Your Billing and Invoicing

Easily create, manage and send invoices to clients based on accurate and up-to-date data. Clients can see completed work, scheduled work, billing and costs - making the process thorough, efficient and simple across individual phases or complete projects. Reports and dashboards are also easily created, utilising accurate data, aggregated across the whole team and incorporating multiple logs, budgets and data if required.

Deliver on-time and on-budget

Never again lose track of budget, resources or hours and manage architects and contractors effectively. Instantly find out where you are with each project, delve into statistical analysis, reports and graphs, monitor time tracking and stay ahead of due dates with one easy-to-use system which can incorporate every phase, project and architect. KeyedIn Projects also allows you to easily adapt and update changes to clients, contracts or budgets, keeping you firmly on track. 

Keep the whole team on track

Whether your architect firm has just a few integral members of staff, or is a multi-national organisation, you may often rely on the skills of external professionals who need to be included on the same system to ensure each project meets objectives. KeyedIn Projects can handle multiple projects and phases - whether working in the office or remotely - ensuring all data is kept on track.



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