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Deliver visibility and control over the entire project and programmeme management process

KeyedIn Projects helps deliver better products, gain a bigger stake in the market, increase productivity and efficiency, and remain focused in an ever-changing, complex industry. KeyedIn Projects works to share data, manage time and tasks, provide a detailed overview of project life cycles and incorporate resources across departments and agencies to deliver better results quicker and cheaper. By providing much needed visibility and control over the entire project and programme management process, as well as enabling the more efficient use of resources, while improving project selection, KeyedIn Projects for Automotive delivers a number of key benefits.

Synchronise multiple departments’ efforts

Now, thanks to KeyedIn Projects, all departments and agencies involved in product delivery can effectively work and collabourate in sync. All team members can log time accurately and consistently - as well as communicate regarding deliverables - depending on real-time data to review and evaluate project status. Project managers can rely on live updates to make informed decisions on where to spend budget and resources for the best return, or where to re-align resources or address strategy if required. 

Gain Accurate Data on Project Portfolio Status

By allocating hours, spend and ideas methodically, creative staff, researchers, manufacturers or external agencies will benefit from a seamless and productive work process. KeyedIn Projects helps keep accurate data regarding budget, hours and resources required and used, so you can make well-informed decisions on where to pool, distribute or modify time, spend and talent.

Concentrate on investing in valuable initiatives

Customers’ expectations and attitudes, regulations, research and technologies are in a constant climate of change, yet it is never more vital for those in the automotive industries to stay one step ahead. By streamlining your project management - creating an efficient and productive workload - and by eliminating complexity in routine functions, your business can better pool resources and talent into the features of your operation that matter.

Reduce inception to delivery time

Moving pioneering automotive products from inception through to design, into creation and onto the roads is most often a complex set of regulations, procedures, calculations and a multitude of projects. An advanced and comprehensive project portfolio management solution makes this process quicker, simpler and more efficient, enabling your team to be more productive in their efforts. With project management taken care of, your business can concentrate on maximising revenue through delivering better products, challenging expectations and taking control of the market.


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