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Plan and Prioritise Workloads Better

Become more efficient, productive and profitable with KeyedIn Projects, a comprehensive professional services automation solution designed to manage creative projects at every step. Plan and prioritise workloads better, manage teams and departments consistently, improve reporting and forecasting for the client and deliver better results overall with the help of one integrated, efficient system.

Efficiently manage multiple projects in unison

KeyedIn Projects understands the need for multiple projects to be managed at varying life cycle stages. Everyone involved in a particular phase can monitor, log and track progress accurately, delivering a complete overview of current resource usage and project status. With KeyedIn Projects you can allocate time and skills effectively and manage daily workload efficiently to maximise results for both agency and client.

Reduce administration for increased project value

Streamline your business’s efforts through accurate time tracking, data logging, project management, invoicing and reporting. Work in coherence with colleagues, collabourators and clients with a cloud based project management system that allows all parties to monitor and log progress. Automatically invoice and bill for accurate time spent and work completed, and pull off detailed, visual reports for clients as and when required. With KeyedIn Projects you will gain real time access to project progress and status information – no longer will there be a need to consolidate information from multiple systems.


Increase the profitability of every project undertaken

An integrated and better managed approach to project management impacts one major factor in any business – the bottom line profit. Pool resources and utilise skills effectively, manage time spent and gain a clear understanding of forecasted hours. Invest confidently in projects and deliver better results for clients from one easy-to-use, fully integrated project management solution. With the inbuilt advanced reporting and graphical dashboards, your creative agency can improve profitability through more efficient and effective project and service delivery. 

Utilise Visual Resources to Aid Complex Data

At any point KeyedIn Projects provides graphics, charts and visual overviews of work completed, tasks in progress and new projects, to give both clients and creative staff a comprehensive overview of current project status. Use as an easy-to-navigate catalog of project standing, or integrate with detailed statistics to provide analytical evaluations of work undertaken. The advanced reporting and analytics capabilities of KeyedIn Projects enable you to take the complexity out of managing complex projects.


Download useful guides and calculators to see how simple it is to implement the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management Solution in your business

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