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Execute Projects and Programmemes On-Time, in Scope and within Budget

Defence organisations rely on being able to plan and execute programmes and projects, meeting complex compliancy criteria and developing new and innovative projects, all at the same time. KeyedIn Projects can help you achieve these fundamental criteria on time, in scope and within budget. 

Remain Competitive, even in the Face of Growing Compliance

A multitude of projects, clients, subcontractors, laws, regulations and stringent budgets make defence project management particularly convoluted. A seamless, advanced project portfolio management solution cannot only drive your organisation and its efficiency forward, it can also boost profitability. A systematic approach to creating, logging, tracking and completing deliverables helps to simplify timely compliancy and regulation procedures, which in turn helps every project to be on time and within budget - despite external constraints.  

Standardise Routine Functions, Minimising Wasted Admin Hours

Administrative hours can be a frustrating necessity, wasting hours on simple, repetitive functions and duties. KeyedIn Projects helps you to synthesize daily tasks, create project templates, automate work and compile custom reports quickly. Let your workforce concentrate on the nitty-gritty, and let long hours lost to admin become a thing of the past - creating a quicker, smoother and well-optimised project management machine.

Collabourate with agencies, clients, contractors and staff

An ever-growing inventory of government regulations, compliancy requirements, systems and procedures often means products and projects run over, requiring extra time, budget and resources. Completion also often relies on external agencies and contractors, leaving scope completely out of your control. An advanced project portfolio management solution will not only improve the project lifecycle, it will also give you a detailed view of forecasted time remaining, time logged, resources required, budget spent and tasks yet to be completed - not just internally, but across everyone involved in the project. Such information allows you to make better decisions about where and when to allocate resources, whether to pull back on budget or to pool resources and get products to market when anticipated.

Take control of projects and new opportunities

An advanced project portfolio management solution will effortlessly streamline company objectives, goals and workload for a more efficient and productive company. Keep stakeholders, management, investors, staff and customers content by meeting objectives on time, within budget and scope, leaving your business ready to bring a range of competitive and innovative products to the market.


Download useful guides and calculators to see how simple it is to implement the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management Solution in your business

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