Maximise Your Project Management Efforts

Even though you rely on technology as a business, do you rely on the same standard of technology to maximise your project management efforts? KeyedIn Projects is a comprehensive, powerful project portfolio management tool that can systematically automate and accelerate your business processes.

Manage, track and improve results

KeyedIn Projects is experienced and adept at supporting the many requirements involved in the selection and delivery of high tech projects. As a cloud-based solution, it offers a comprehensive approach to project portfolio management, providing you with the tools and processes to improve and streamline the entire project management process. Adopting a more agile approach to monitoring, managing and tracking project lifecycle - from initial ideas through to post-completion evaluations - will systematically help improve overall business results by ensuring the correct mix of projects. 

Bring new products to market faster

KeyedIn Projects makes it easy for everyone involved in delivering a product to market to oversee, track, monitor and gain a comprehensive understanding of each and every project, deliverable or task. Anyone involved in a project has the ability to monitor its status, spending and resources, giving everyone on the team the option to react to changes quickly and efficiently. KeyedIn Project’s intuitive design also allows the same collaboration - with sales departments or technicians, from one country to the next -whether they’re involved in the inception, development or compliancy part of project delivery; everyone has clear visibility into project progress and status –a single version of the truth.

Standardise Project Management Processes

Technology is an ever-evolving landscape. Professionals must adapt to market changes instantly, and executives need to remain visionaries to maintain a competitive share of the market. KeyedIn Projects helps you to align your resources and talents where they are most required, thanks to its ability to standardise routines and automate common processes, thus reducing administrative hours and unnecessary workload.

Maximise profits and Productivity

Through a number of tools, dashboards and advanced capabilities, you can concentrate on maximising profits and productivity by ensuring projects are delivered on time and to budget. KeyedIn Projects allows you to cope with change and prepare for modifications, helping project timescale remain on track. It improves reaction to last-minute changes while minimizing the impact on costs and ultimately profits, and keeps the whole team inline throughout the lifecycle of an initiative. An acutely organized approach to project management then gives your business the ability to take on more projects and objectives, delivering as promised on each.

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