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Improve Executive Decision Making

Does your insurance firm need to make managing projects more efficient, streamlined and profitable? With the help of KeyedIn Projects, a comprehensive project portfolio management solution, companies in the insurance services industry can maintain a competitive edge, even in today’s difficult and uncertain insurance markets. KeyedIn Projects is a suite of business applications that is already an integral part of the daily functioning of many companies, allowing top-level decisions to be made based on facts and real-time data.

Manage resources effectively

With an efficient project portfolio management solution, resources will be allocated more effectively, allowing skills to be utilised efficiently, time to be spent wisely and overall profit to be increased. In uncertain times for the financial industry, KeyedIn Projects works with the whole team to allow executives to focus on better business delivery, to monitor on-going and upcoming projects with confidence, ensuring projects align with corporate objectives and that they are delivered both on time and within budget. 

Bring new products to market faster

An integrated and efficient project portfolio management solution allows insurance firms to be accountable for time spent, projects delivered and forecasting. With better allocation of skills and clear resource management, companies in the insurance industry can concentrate solely on delivering to clients and customers consistently, getting innovative products onto the market faster and quickly addressing - and eventually avoiding - issues in delivery.

Make better business decisions in uncertain times

Systematic tracking of budget, spending, resources and time creates an efficient and organized team - especially vital when considering the continuing trend of changes to insurance industry regulations.

With an efficient, integrated and streamlined approach to daily business, your organisation can focus on delivering to customers the innovative products they need, and growing investments and market performance in line with the figures they want.

Cohesion between teams

Whether departments work remotely, on separate desks or across continents, each member of the organisation can communicate clearly and collabourate effectively, utilising one easy-to-use system. Key members of staff can create customise reports and delve into project status to recommend areas of adaptation and growth to increase productivity and bottom line profit.

A versatile and adaptable project portfolio management solution allows your business to be dynamic, flourishing in the ever-competitive insurance markets by making the correct project decisions.


Download useful guides and calculators to see how simple it is to implement the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management Solution in your business

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