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Maximise Profit and Resources

Increased competition, consumer expectations, the cost of materials and labour, and the need to remain competitive yet profitable all put immense pressure on project management within manufacturing. Management must systematically organize and plan workload while trying to maximise profit and resources. To help gain a better stake of the market, you need the comprehensive power of KeyedIn Projects.

Collabourate with agencies, clients, contractors and staff

By optimising your planning, organisation and scheduling, KeyedIn Projects not only works to generate a more productive and efficient workforce, but also contributes to a more profitable manufacturing floor by ensuring projects are selected that achieve business objectives and improve operations. No matter how fragmented your teams, or how wide-ranging your supply chain, KeyedIn Projects can keep you on track with budget, resources and project deliverables.

Take Control of Entire Product Lifecycle

KeyedIn Projects gives you greater control over the entire project lifecycle. From inception, right through to post-completion and analysis, KeyedIn Projects can systematically accelerate and synchronize task flow, resources, budget and timeframe. It also allows and plans for compliancy, external processes and cross-departmental requirements. KeyedIn Projects helps all project stakeholders gain a better understanding of project status at every stage of the project lifecycle.

Deliver more strategic projects on time and on budget

KeyedIn Projects helps manufacturing companies to synchronize and accelerate project management, delivering projects on time and within budget. It also works to monitor risk, allowing you to adapt and realign when things aren’t going to plan. Now, you can systematically and automatically know the status and accurate details of every project, giving you more control throughout the entire lifecycle. KeyedIn Projects improves inception-to-delivery, and benefits consumers, employees and shareholders immeasurably.

Standardise Routine Functions, Minimizing Wasted Admin Hours

In manufacturing, the complexities involved in getting products distributed on time and within budget are not solely in your control. All too often, regulatory procedures, external agencies and compliancy processes skew plans, warp spending and ignore scope - leaving your project managers with little idea of what is due and when. KeyedIn Projects improves the organisation and planning capabilities of your team, while also taking into consideration the necessary compliancy procedures. By providing clear visibility into the key 4 factors that determine project success – resources, cost, deliverables and benefits – KeyedIn Projects ensures your project mix is aligned with corporate objectives and business improvement.


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