Improve Visibility and Control over Retail Projects

KeyedIn Projects works in synch with retail and distribution operations, delivering an accurate and easy-to-navigate project portfolio management solution that will benefit all aspects and phases of buying, selling and distributing. KeyedIn Projects allows team members to track time, manage resources and pull out valuable reports, utilising accurate data and an efficient system.

Better budgeting and resource management

KeyedIn Projects allows clear and detailed project management to be at the forefront of every operation. Clients and contractors are easily managed from one simple dashboard, allowing better decision making processes, better allocation of resources, better delivery and better project evaluation – thus benefitting the overall supply chain. 

Invest resources confidently

Streamline your business’s efforts through confidently allocating resources and investment in key areas to generate better efficiency and profitability. Through one easy-to-access, interactive system, your company can deliver better results through more efficient resource management, better utilisation of skills, clear collaboration and communication, and accurate, easy-to-understand statistics, underlying every decision that has to be made.

Improve IT visibility

KeyedIn Projects provides better communication and collaboration across departments or continents, logging time and resources accurately, sharing projects and operations and giving detailed analysis of efficiency and resources. Allow your retail business to benefit from an integrated IT infrastructure, providing accountability and better management of resources, no matter where clients, collaborators or staff are based.

Implement Coherent Retail Strategies

By using a highly effective project portfolio management solution, you can make clear decisions on how to move your business forward - utilising skills, time and resources properly. Use accurate data to invest in key products, and highlight aspects of the distribution line in need of improvement or modification. Finally, use statistical reports and evaluations to benefit the business, bottom line profit, shareholders and clients.

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