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Deliver More Projects On-Time and to Budget

Improve your company’s decision making processes, resource allocation, profitability and efficiency with the help of KeyedIn Projects - a streamlined approach to project management that will help you deliver more projects on time and within budget. By providing much needed visibility and control over the entire project and programme management process, as well as enabling the more efficient use of resources, while improving project selection, KeyedIn Projects for SMEs delivers a number of key benefits.

Improve resource estimation and deliverables tracking

Project estimation is one of the most valuable methods of assessing business revenue, scope and resources - when completed accurately. Over or under-estimating on deliverables doesn’t just affect profitability, it also damages reputation.

KeyedIn Projects allows you to easily understand the impact a project will have on resources, the costs and time involved and the scope from inception to delivery - allowing management to prepare, allocate and assign resources effectively. 

Gain control over reporting and analytics

With KeyedIn Projects, project status and progress reporting is based on accurate data logged in real-time across project plans and tasks, giving you precise statistics to improve service and delivery, or to present to clients and stakeholders.

Reporting and analytics becomes simple, fast and accurate through comprehensive, easy to use dashboards – a major benefit to the time and effort required in the overall completion of projects.

Improved visibility into budget, scope and resources

KeyedIn Projects, by allowing clear management of budget, scope and resources, systematically improves customer expectations, overall business productivity and in-house performance.

Better utilising and allocating resources not only improves processes and protocols, but also benefits the execution and delivery of services and products. Your business can also use KeyedIn Projects to better achieve business objectives, by aligning resource capability with short, medium and long term goals. 

Maximise Delivery and minimise Errors

A comprehensive, systematic and efficient project management system works to maximise the delivery of products and services, as well as minimize errors in billing, reporting and planning. Timesheets, expenses and workloads are tracked, reported and made visible - allowing accurate resource allocation and boosting efficiency and profit. A fully automated system to capture time spent, hours used, resources required and budget status leaves your business in a far better position to bill, invoice, estimate and plan far more efficiently in the future – maximising, in turn, the overall profitability of your business’s functions.


Download useful guides and calculators to see how simple it is to implement the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management Solution in your business

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