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Improve visibility and control over the entire project portfolio

IT should be a major asset not only in the quest for more efficient project delivery but also for more effective project and programme  management. However, experience shows that isn’t always the case. Too often, project portfolio management is based on IT systems that have been deployed on an ad hoc basis over time to meet specific business requirements. The inevitable result is a multi-vendor environment and siloed systems that simply can’t talk to each other, let alone provide a clear view of project status, resource allocation and costs. 

Bring efficiency and effectiveness to your PMO

These specific challenges are indicative of a bigger problem. Without information, the PMO is unable to perform effectively and inefficiency creeps in. The business goals of standardising project delivery, gaining clearer oversight and ultimately driving project success all falter.  In the face of these challenges, many IT teams understandably question whether adding yet another solution to the environment can really help. But with KeyedIn Projects, it really can. 

Avoid the Complexity of Over-Engineered Solutions

Firstly, KeyedIn Projects is a Cloud-based solution – so many of the management headaches are avoided at source.

Secondly, and crucially, it is designed to provide a true portfolio view as well as in-depth visibility of every project. Senior executives and team leaders can easily see real-time project status, resourcing requirements and cost risks – per project and across the portfolio. In other words, instead of requiring integration effort to gather project data from different systems to inform decision-making, KeyedIn Projects does this for you.

Thirdly, because KeyedIn Projects is easy to use, and talks the language of project managers, it makes it simple for them to report on all aspects of project delivery quickly and accurately – without requiring further involvement from IT.

Find out how KeyedIn Projects supports both a strategic led and execution driven approach to Project Portfolio Management.

Deliver a single integrated view of project performance

KeyedIn Projects provides visibility of all projects, including their current status, resources allocated, available skills and financials. With insight from across your business available in one place, managers can manage time and cost risks, and react more quickly to inevitable changes in project requirements and schedules. They can also see which resources are available at any given time, and ensure that the right skills are deployed to meet clients’ business needs

Standardise Processes and Templates

KeyedIn Projects provides uniform processes and standardised templates for project planning and reporting. By automating key project management processes, the system reduces administrative workloads and speeds up reporting – ensuring that vital information is never overlooked and that projects are delivered in the most efficient way possible. 

Simplify strategic planning

KeyedIn Projects provides innovative scenario modeling tools to inform strategic planning decisions. By harnessing historical project data, managers can assess the likely impact of planned activities on the business, and ensure that the right resources and skills are available to ensure project success. It’s also possible to assess which future projects are likely to be the most profitable – helping to inform the project selection process.  Find out more about how the KeyedIn Projects Project Portfolio Management solution can help align IT projects with corporate objectives.

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