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Transform the PMO into the functional hub of project delivery

The project or programme management office (PMO) is – or should be – the functional hub of project delivery. But to meet this role, it needs both authority and information: authority to set standards, information to maintain them. Authority to intervene when projects are off track; information to ensure those interventions are timely and appropriate.  However, too many PMOs simply don’t have the information they need.

Deliver greater visibility and control

To ensure PMOs have greater visibility and control, KeyedIn Projects automates and standardises core project, programme and portfolio management functions. It enables real-time project visibility from both the top down and bottom up, giving the PMO a true picture of time, cost, resources, deliverables and financials.  Learn how KeyedIn Projects unique approach supports both a top-down strategic led approach and bottom-up execution driven approach to project and portfolio management.

Deliver real time project insight

KeyedIn Projects allows the PMO to see the status of all current and upcoming projects, as well as the status of the overall project portfolio. As well as monitoring progress to agreed milestones, you can see which resources have been allocated to particular tasks, and look at billable hours for each consultant in real-time. With detailed, real-time project information, the business can take action to increase performance, shorten delivery times and minimize cost risks. Ultimately, you can ensure that each project is delivered in the most efficient way possible.  Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects helps take you PMO to the next level of project portfolio management maturity.

Enhance strategic alignment

In many organisations, one of the PMO’s core tasks is to assess each new opportunity against core business goals – including profitability targets – as part of project selection. KeyedIn Projects facilitates this process. It makes it easy for the PMO to create ballpark estimates and project timelines, so it can model the likely impact on resources, expected margin and potential risks. That helps inform the decision about whether or not to take on a project.  Learn more about how KeyedIn Projects can help you manage your project portfolios more efficiently.

Improve resource capacity planning

With KeyedIn Projects, you can see exactly which resources have been allocated to all current and future projects. This helps with capacity planning and helps you ensure the right resources are allocated to the right projects. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Resource Capability Planning functionality in our features tour.

Build a framework for continuous improvement

The PMO is all about raising standards across the business. With KeyedIn Projects, the information available to the PMO improves. It’s presented in a standardised format, and all projects are archived. That means you can analyse performance across a range of projects – utilising this information to improve future planning.

Make more informed decisions

KeyedIn Projects shows you which resources are available at any given moment, enabling you to allocate resources more effectively across the portfolio and take a more active role in planning upcoming work. Because KeyedIn Projects provides a real-time view of progress across all projects, it allows you to react not only faster but also smarter to inevitable changes in project schedules or scope. You can make informed decisions about how best to address change requests, re-prioritise projects or re-deploy resources.

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