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Drive the Utilisation, Profitability and Performance of Your Professional Services Delivery

It’s time for professional services organisations to wrestle back control, to increase the visibility of every project in their portfolio, to manage risk more effectively, to make more effective use of resources – deploying talent more strategically to maximise productivity and chargeability. With KeyedIn Projects, that’s exactly what you can do. KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated professional services automation software solution designed to help you improve every aspect of project delivery. Connecting easily with your existing systems, KeyedIn Projects gives you the control and insight you need to ensure resources are used strategically, risks are addressed, and costs are managed tightly throughout.

Fully Automate Project Delivery from Bid to Bill

With KeyedIn Projects you can fully automate every aspect of project delivery. From forecasting your demand for resource across your pipeline and existing projects, through to accurately billing completed work. KeyedIn Projects will keep your entire team focused on driving improved utilisation, profitability and productivity.

Set Realistic Customer Expectations

With KeyedIn Projects you can start to set realistic customer expectations right from the first engagement. By centralising all of your project and resource data you can easily see periods of peak demand, as well as overall availability. Project templates enable you to quickly create new projects based on previous experience or best practice. Then by modeling your demand for resources, even at the initial bid stage, you can start to see the impact on your resource capability and set expectations accordingly - making it far easier to cope with changes in customer demand.

Capture the Requirement

KeyedIn Projects provides a comprehensive range of project management tools to help capture and plan your customer's requirement. From traditional task based planning, through to deliverables planning, as well as our more agile 3 step planning, we offer a variety of techniques to ensure you can plan and communicate your project in the most efficient way. 

Map Requirements to your Resource Pool

With KeyedIn Projects you can easily map your customer requirements to your resource pool. For pipeline and live projects KeyedIn Projects enables you to easily capture your demand for resources at a role-based level to model the overall impact of your resource capability and your ability to deliver. Learn more about managing resource demand in the KeyedIn Projects features tour.

Allocate the Right People

KeyedIn Projects makes the allocation of resources quick and simple. Resources can easily be directly scheduled for short-term engagements, as well as allocated to project tasks based on their skills, job role and availability. What's more KeyedIn Projects lets you make role based assignments to project tasks in order to submit a request for resource. With KeyedIn Projects you will have complete visibility into the status of resourcing across all of your projects including chargeable and productive utilisation, conflicts, shortfalls as well as time-on-the-bench.

Encourage Team Collaboration

KeyedIn Projects provides the perfect platform for your project teams to share knowledge and collaborate. From standardising your project status reporting process, through to storing documents and commenting on discussions, KeyedIn Projects will ensure your entire project team remains connected.

Capture Effort and Expense

KeyedIn Projects provides all of the tools you need to capture, approve and bill your project team's time and expenses. Project team members can access their time and expenses directly through the KeyedIn Projects SaaS solution or via dedicated mobile apps. Find out more about KeyedIn Projects Mobile capabilities in the features tour.

Manage Delivery against Plan

From providing individual team members with an intuitive view of their work commitments - where they can update progress, through to providing the project managers with a standardised framework for monitoring progress and reporting status, KeyedIn Projects provides complete visibility and control over project delivery ensuring you deliver profitable projects, on-time, every time.  

Monitor Time and Cost against Budget

KeyedIn Projects puts your project managers in complete control of project financials, providing clear visibility and control over project costs, expenditure and budget performance from an individual project level, through to programmes, or your individual client portfolios. Our intuitive project management tools not only allow you to better control cost, they also reduce costs by decreasing project administration and driving greater project value.

Produce Accurate Invoices

With KeyedIn Projects you can fully automate the project billing process. From creating billing contracts, tracking billable time and expenses, through to providing intuitive billing alerts, KeyedIn Projects ensures you improve cash flow, margins and overall project profitability by placing you in complete control of the project billing process.

Easily Integrate with your Existing Systems

Keyedin Projects integrates with complimentary best-in-class systems to ensure you can run your business with the technology decisions you choose.

Features in Depth

Learn how KeyedIn Projects Comprehensive Professional Services Automation Features can benefit your Organisation

Quickly Deploy the Features Required to Standardise Project Management Processes, Improve Utilisation and Drive Improved Billing

KeyedIn Projects is a fully integrated professional services automation solution, which greatly enhances your ability to cope with changes in customer demand, standardise project management processes, make more strategic use of your resources, reduce project administration, improve knowledge management and innovation, deliver projects more profitably and drive higher levels of employee utilisation. Find out more about our Professional Services Automation features below or visit our features tour for a complete overview of KeyedIn Projects capabilities.

Demand Planning

KeyedIn Projects provides the perfect toolset to improve your resource demand planning, enabling you to use resources more strategically and to gain a longer term view of resource capability. Find out more about how KeyedIn Projects helps you manage resources more strategically.

Project Management

With KeyedIn Projects you can standardise key project management processes by providing your project teams with a standard toolset for planning and managing projects, tracking task progress and reporting project status. Find out how KeyedIn Projects helps you standardise your project management process.

Resource Scheduling

KeyedIn Projects enables you to greatly reduce the complexity and administration associated with scheduling resources. Boasting resource requests, role-based assignments, direct scheduling and task scheduling features, KeyedIn Projects caters from the most basic to most complex resource scheduling needs. Find out how KeyedIn Projects helps you improve every aspect of managing your resource deployment and utilisation.

Timesheet Management

KeyedIn Projects makes the recording, tracking, approval and billing of timesheets quick and easy through multiple timesheet entry views, the ability to import a previous weeks timesheets and the ability to automatically populate a timesheet with task-based assignments. Learn how KeyedIn Projects helps you manage your work commitments with ease.

Expense Management

With KeyedIn Projects you can fully automate the expense management process. From easily capturing out-of-pocket and credit card expenses, through to coping with lump sum, unit based and multi-currency expenses - KeyedIn Projects provides the essential features needed to capture, submit, reimburse and bill project expenses. Learn how KeyedIn Projects Mobile capabilities helps streamline expense capture, approval and submission.

Contract Management and Billing

KeyedIn Projects puts you in complete control of the project and service billing process. Whether you bill on a time and materials, fixed price, capped, milestone, advanced or repeat billing basis - intuitive billing alerts ensure you have complete visibility of when and how your projects and services should be billed, enabling you to significantly reduce billing errors, improve cash-flow and drive profitability. Learn how KeyedIn Projects improves the financial management and billing of projects

Issue Management

No matter what type of problem you encounter on your project, KeyedIn Projects provides you with a central repository to log all of your projects issues. Quick and easy to use, KeyedIn Projects provides all of the tools you need to effectively identify, catalog and resolve issues, as well as communicate issue resolution plans throughout your project team members. 


KeyedIn Projects gives your project team members the ability to collabourate via a single integrated platform, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of projects by improving knowledge sharing, stimulating discussion, reducing risk, increasing visibility and enforcing control.

Status Reporting

With KeyedIn Projects you can reduce administration time and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your project management process by providing all project stakeholders with a clear and consistent method of creating, submitting and reviewing project status reports.


Download useful guides and calculators to see how simple it is to implement the KeyedIn Projects Professional Services Automation Solution in your business