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Deploy Technology in the Right Way, Focusing on the Business Benefits Achievable in the Short, Medium and Long Term

At KeyedIn Projects we believe the most significant factor influencing project portfolio management and professional services automation implementation success is the start – organisations who begin with a system configured to their specific business needs and processes realise the greatest benefit. That also presents the biggest challenge. 

Avoid the Big Bang Deployment

A collaboratively planned system involving both the organisation and software provider, with best practice consulting and an all-encompassing implementation plan is necessary. This is the differentiator between a system that staff utilise and the business benefits from, versus one that works well in theory.

Account for Change and Growth

This is never truer than in a project management environment where projects are subject to high levels of change, or high growth organisations where project demands constantly evolve. The selected solution must be intuitive, flexible and instill best practices, meaning an implementation approach structured around short, medium and long-term objectives will focus efforts and reduce implementation costs.

Ensure Easy to Use, Clutter Free Capabilities

In addition, a structured implementation approach which focuses on the core features to necessitate immediate business benefits is key to user adoption. This will ensure the proper KeyedIn Projects features are activated, creating a tailored environment with the easy-to-use, clutter-free capabilities needed today - but with additional functionality available as the company’s growth and maturity evolves. 

Balance Ease-of-Use with User Adoption, Business Benefits, Speed of Deployment and Cost Effectiveness

KeyedIn Solutions offers a tried and tested, practical implementation approach that helps users achieve their specific project management objectives right from the start. Based on industry best practices and over 25 years' implementation experience, the KeyedIn Excellence proposition is designed to accelerate implementation timescales, providing the customer with:

  • Requirements-based collaborative system planning
  • Time-saving prototyped development ahead of launch
  • Consistency of processes for each function
  • Reduction of project risk
  • True knowledge transfer, through administrator training and hands-on experience mwhich results in future self-reliance
  • Change management enabled, scaling the system and updating functionality accordingly
  • Growth flexibility, additional functions available for use as business needs emerge

From Evaluation to Implementation, Harness Support from KeyedIn Excellence at Every Stage

A key differentiator of KeyedIn Excellence over traditional consultancy approaches is involvement from day one. From your initial demonstration through to live implementation, a KeyedIn Excellence Consultant will be supporting you at every stage of the implementation process. Find out more about the benefits of this approach in our KeyedIn Projects Customer success stories.

Ease the Project Initiation Process and Significantly Reduce Risk

By having a KeyedIn Excellence consultant involved from day one, we are continually reviewing your requirement which greatly eases the project initiation process and significantly reduces risk – allowing us to provide a full implementation brief on completion of the selection process, greatly accelerating the time from evaluation to implementation.

Benefit from Our True Prototyping Approach

Our True Prototyping approach that delivers the "to-be" live system at the project kick-off, allows requirements and design to be jointly executed on the actual system, speeding understanding, agreements and delivery into live operation. With KeyedIn you can be learning from and improving the first live delivery while our competitors are still documenting your requirements and design.

Maximise Benefit through Incremental Delivery

We advocate incremental delivery as your organisation maturity increases - there's no point delivering a mature tool capability into an organisation still struggling to plan at a consistent level. This, coupled with true knowledge sharing through our training and accreditation programme for your system administrators, allows you to switch on new features when you are ready - without the need to involve us in further external investment if you don't want to.

12 Tips for a Successful Project and Portfolio Management Implementation

Replacing your existing spreadsheet based, homegrown or non-integrated solution with a fully integrated solution like KeyedIn Projects may be more cost effective than you think. With our SaaS based licensing and rapid deployment model supported by the KeyedIn Excellence team, our aim is to provide a cost effective implementation, with software that delivers immediate benefit. Here are 10 tips to get you started on the route to a successful implementation:

  •  Get a sponsor that cares
  •  Prototype to get it right
  •  Don’t automate something you don’t understand
  •  Make it easy to use so people get it right the first time
  •  You start from where you are, not where you like to think you are
  •  Use the solution to record agreements and support the work, rather than try to automate everything in workflow
  •  Run the project like a proper project
  •  Good is good enough, Perfection takes too long and costs too much
  •  Focus most on the actual implementation part of the project - train, communicate and support new users
  •  Use multi-skilled Implementation Consultants to avoid hands-offs and misunderstandings