Achieve the control and visibility you need to transform your project financial management with KeyedIn Projects. Project budgeting and project expenditure planning are more accurate when forecasting is completed with actual historic data. Quickly and easily roll- up all your project and portfolio delivery data into consolidated dashboard views of your financial position. Safeguard the bottom line and allow project teams to focus on only the greatest value activities with the best strategic outcomes. Better planning reduces inefficient stops and starts and yields effective portfolio control for improved cost management.


Prioritise Projects According to Value

Ensure your PMO is a flexible entity, responsive to business priorities

Real-time budget forecasts that can respond to portfolio or programme change engender real value. Your budget must be a living plan that can be continually revised and updated in response to market changes. Project lifecycle management according to stringent financial controls allow you to kill poor performing projects well before they do the most damage and prioritise the highest value programmes instead.

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Establish End-to-End Financial Control

Top down and bottom up control for every financial facet of project management

Control and collaboration for planning, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, internal control, auditing, procurement and disbursement ensures that your project portfolio performs. Compare budget-to-actual and alert project teams and stakeholders earlier when programmes are headed off track. Improve project performance by allocating resources properly. Creating cost-benefit analysis for financial performance allows you achieve the project’s objectives within budget and on time. Manage global and enterprise-wide portfolios with multi-currency project management and financial conversion features.

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Track and Manage Portfolio Expenditures Accurately

Stay within scope and on budget with financial management best practices

Poor contract management and billing practices can inflict havoc on your budget. Using KeyedIn Projects built-in tools for tracking these expenses empowers your project managers to succeed.  Allow resources to allocate time and expenses on-the-go on an effective, user-friendly platform that will maximise adoption and utilisation. Your profitable contracts remain profitable more of the time when financial forecasting holds up under the pressure of new projects or resource constraints.


Integrate Financial Systems to Boost Business Performance

Gain big picture financial control by integrating with ERP

Manage cash flow, invoicing and revenue recognition with streamlined integrations to your project financial management solution. KeyedIn allows you to ensure you’ve created a cost-cutting, value-generating response to business partners’ needs. Ease the rising cost of compliance in many industries to ensure your main line of business is protected and your capacity to generate revenue is synchronized with your best performing portfolios.

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What-if Scenario Planning Provides Budgetary Brilliance

Optimise project delivery from the top down.

Use what-if scenario modeling to forecast from pipeline against resource skills, capacity and budgets. Navigate change orders with ease by visualizing impacts caused by late-stage additions. With empowering scenario planning capabilities, KeyedIn allows you to gain insight, reduce risks and make better decisions to eliminate pet projects and guarantee your resources are working on the best-fit, highest-value initiatives.

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