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Thomas Cook is a £7.8 billion hospitality and tourism company consisting of almost 22,000 employees. It is a leader in its 15 core markets across the globe in Continental Europe, Northern Europe, the UK, and Ireland.

As a professional services provider in the tourism industry, Thomas Cook projects are varied, typically lasting 6-18 months. After a major transformation programme there existed a variety of independent tools and local data repositories that were used to execute and report projects in different areas of the company. These tools captured and reported information at different levels of granularity which resulted in large overheads in collating, normalising and reporting for the PMO and finance teams.

Fundamentally the companies’ ability to be able to monitor and exert control over project investment, execution and value realisation was being hampered by the absence of a consolidated enterprise-wide project portfolio management software tool.

“Our requirement was to have a centralised, cloud-based solution to help standardise our processes and speed access to project information. For example, Group IT reports were taking too long, delaying our timescales to complete the review process and publish progress,”

This case study highlights:

  • The business challenge of vetting over 200 PPM vendors to find a suitable, centralised, flexible cloud-based solution to help standardise processes and speed up access to project information
  • The need to educate portfolio managers and stakeholders across many departments to gain consensus
  • How having a tool that can track forecasting and budgets before and during projects can lead to better decision making and improve reporting speed by 50%
  • How achieving real-time project management to manage dependencies across projects can help you understand the interplay of projects across time and across teams.

“We were looking for a long-term relationship. We knew we needed help. We wanted to be able to work with KeyedIn and ensure we could configure what we needed without too much work and that it would fit into our environment and our culture, KeyedIn Projects was prepared, flexible and responsive”.