Many project and portfolio managers are responsible for the successful delivery of Agile projects, but they don’t have adequate visibility into the status and progress of those projects, which are often siloed in Agile development tools. This gap often results in duplicate data entry, inaccurate or out of date information, and no way to enforce proper project governance.

Integrating KeyedIn Projects with product development software, such as Jira, allows the project management office (PMO) to gain visibility into every project in the portfolio, regardless of the methodology or tool being used for execution. This bridge enables the PMO to:

  • Respond faster to changing priorities
  • Deliver strategic projects more quickly
  • Accurately plan resource capacity
  • Improve stakeholder satisfaction with better, more timely reporting

KeyedIn remains the system of record and centralised place for all project-related and non-project-based work for capture, approval and management. All resource information can be stored and managed within KeyedIn and shared to Jira to manage Agile development activities, then rolled back into KeyedIn Projects for accurate, up-to-date reporting.

You can connect your Jira and KeyedIn instances in three key areas:

  • Intake – Projects, tasks and requests can be initiated in either Jira or KeyedIn Projects and sync’d between systems for visibility into all work items.
  • Resource Management – Allocation and resource assignments in Jira can be shared to KeyedIn Projects.
  • Time & Expense – Data captured in Jira can be passed through to KeyedIn Projects.

Integrating these systems also provides executives and key project stakeholders with improved visibility into project actuals and advanced control over what is being executed within Jira. This visibility includes detailed information on the actual time spent on each epic, user story, or sub-task and allows for easy reporting on resource assignments and utilisation rates. It also eliminates duplicate data entry and eases the administrative burden of projects, resources and time.

How It Works

Integration between KeyedIn Projects and Jira is achieved through connectors, process alignment and data mapping. Each integration is unique to every customer and configured to the specifications of each customer and their implementation of the two systems.

CONNECTORS: KeyedIn Projects connects to Jira through industry standard SOAP-based and RESTful APIs.

PROCESS ALIGNMENT: Configured processes support the flow of events and standard error or exception handling based on our

configuration best practices.

  1. Projects are initiated in KeyedIn Projects; tasks and deliverables set in KeyedIn, and the associated epic (or story), and sent to Jira and automatically created.
  2. Project managers establish and updated the schedule within KeyedIn and updates are sync’d between systems.
  3. User stories or epics are initiated in either KeyedIn Projects or Jira and sent over to corresponding system.
  4. Stories are managed in Jira; updates are assigned to a sprint, release or version, then broken down into sub-tasks to be assigned to resources.
  5. As sub-tasks are updated and completed, hours are captured.
  6. User story updates are sent back to KeyedIn Projects with title, status, sprint, priority, version and any other relevant attributes.
  7. Time and expense information is updated in KeyedIn with overall schedule, status, milestones, dependencies and budget vs. actual data
  8. Resources are allocated and managed in KeyedIn with capacity and demand.

DATA MAPPING: Based on the three key areas, data is shared between systems accordingly. Each implementation may have unique data mapping to fields for that instance and additional fields are supported in the integration setup.

Supported by Our Experts

The KeyedIn Professional Services team will assist you every step of the way to design, develop and deploy the KeyedIn-Jira integration through our open API. Specifically our expert consultants will take the lead in three key areas:

  • Design – Map the application architecture to assign which data will feed through the systems.
  • Develop – Build the integration processes and interlock strategy.
  • Deploy – Provide a central platform for rolling out integrations and managing their health, activity and ongoing support.

KeyedIn hosts and supports integration with Atlassian Jira for both cloud and server deployments.

Get the Most Out of KeyedIn with Jira

KeyedIn Projects used with Jira helps centralise project data and provide teams visibility into project work that matters to them while staying in the same system they are accustomed to. Manage Agile development and traditional projects using the same workflows and tracking you use for all projects. Centralise projects and resources across the portfolio by sharing data, and eliminate duplicate data entry, reducing the chance of errors and lag time from manual updating. Learn more about our custom API to help you integrate systems for better portfolio management and increased project success.