For many IT leaders, effectively managing the combination of short-duration help desk requests in an IT Service Management (ITSM) system and longer-term strategic projects in Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software can be a disjointed process that creates challenging visibility gaps. Understanding exactly how much effort is being expended on certain initiatives and just how utilised key resources actually are can become a time-consuming, manual effort with little precision. 


  • Integrating KeyedIn Projects with ITSM software like Cherwell eliminates those blind spots
  • This integration allows users to seamlessly orchestrate service requests into their portfolio of projects managed in KeyedIn
  • KeyedIn Projects remains the key system to report all project-related and non-project-based work for capture, approval, and management
  • How it works - Integration between KeyedIn Projects and Cherwell is achieved through connectors, process alignment and data mapping.