Key to the KeyedIn Projects user experience is persona based usage, coupled with user personalisation. So if you have a group of project managers that need a standard view of project status, an executive that needs to see data their own way, or that customer that needs a certain view of project progress, KeyedIn's project portfolio management software has you covered.

KeyedIn Projects enables you to define the views you need to standardise work management for key roles in your organisation, but more importantly, enabling individuals to tailor their home screens and dashboards to simplify the way they work without compromising the data needed by the business.

Highlights include:

  • Configure and publish views for your common user personas
  • Create bespoke views and dashboards to cope with the demands of executives, customers and unique user profiles
  • Allow users to personalise their homepage to simplify the way they work
Watch this short video on how to personalise KeyedIn Projects to your individual needs.