To build a strategic PMO, our data must include insights about the customer of today and tomorrow. These data-driven decisions used to have to be perfect to be useful—now they have to be fast to respond to stakeholder expectations and customer-driven innovation in the marketplace. All functions and departments that are customer-facing (from sales to procurement and from finance to customer service) must collaborate and connect—silos signal the death knell for a customer-focused PMO.

What's in this whitepaper?

  • Old school vs. new school PMO
  • The stakeholder-centric PMO
  • Seven lessons for a strategic PMO


Digital business requirements are transforming how we measure success in the high-performance portfolio. Where we once were only customer-aware, we have now become customer-led. This means that we use customer requirements as the centre of everything our portfolio is trying to accomplish. Once we become diligent students of what our customers need, we can gain the insight to structure and execute our portfolios for the highest possible strategic alignment. Whether you are an enterprise IT PMO with internal stakeholders to empower; an external consumer business; or a professional services organisation juggling new and existing client projects, your customer-focused curriculum will engender true portfolio success on every level.

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