This report is based on survey responses representing a range of project professionals primarily at the PMO/portfolio leader, project manager and executive level. Those that have a formal PMO far outweigh those that do no, 73% to 18%, with an additional 9% citing they are planning to have a formal PMO. This survey also incorporate data from individuals of various company sizes, the majority (57%) in the enterprise space (1,000 employees or more).

The survey covered a range of organization sizes from small (less than 25 employees) up to over 5,000 employees. We saw the majority of responses come from larger organizations, with 57% from organizations with over 1,000 employees.

10% FEWER THAN 25 EMPLOYEES 5% 26-100 EMPLOYEES 14% 101-300 EMPLOYEES 14% 301-1000 EMPLOYEES 18% 1001-5000 EMPLOYEES 39% MORE THAN 5000 EMPLOYEES

This survey was targeted at PMO members and represents a large portion of individuals that do have a formalized PMO within their business. 82% of respondents reveal they have a formalized PMO or are planning