PMO Outlook Report 2023: The Project Management Office Pivot

In 2022, organizations were seeing the light at the end of the global pandemic tunnel and the unpredictability that it brought upon their businesses. Organizations continue to turn to the PMO to deliver value as business environments continue to evolve.

As this report demonstrates, there is an alarming disconnect in how organizations are defining the role of the PMO. In 2021, we showcased the improvement of strategic alignment for organizations through the global pandemic, but in 2022 some of those improvements have slipped. Part of that comes down to how executives and organizations are defining the role of the PMO and how PMO leaders are identifying roadblocks for improvement.

PMOs continue to struggle with resource management and project prioritization. In fact, they continue to report they don’t have enough resources to meet demands which begs the question are the right projects even in flight. That said, this report will highlight the need for organizations to solidify the PMO as a center of excellence for businesses even as business priorities change.

Thank you to all of our participants in this year ’s survey. The data is compelling, thought provoking and serves as a tool to help PMO leaders advance their own journey of becoming results-driven PMOs by embracing The PMO Pivot.

All the best,

Rachel Hentges
Director of Marketing