As PMOs strive to define their role in becoming a value driver for an organization, it becomes apparent that alignment across the organization must be top of mind. What separates the PMOs that rise above are those that are in sync with the organizational goals and focus on delivering against those by prioritizing a portfolio that aligns.

The trick here is a PMO must be able to adapt to the ever-changing business priorities at the same time. What’s important here is that the role of the PMO is defined across the organization and has agreed upon key performance indicators that align with the overall initiatives of the business. Initiatives will change and the PMO will need to adapt to remain a center of excellence for their organization. A PMO becomes a center of excellence for an organization when they are able to incorporate strategic alignment across the portfolio and are able to adapt as business priorities change. That’s the power of The PMO Pivot.

Embracing The PMO Pivot allows the PMO to establish themselves as the bridge for strategy delivery and project execution even when business priorities shift.