Streamline Demand Intake & Prioritization

  • Capture all Work Requests Regardless of Work Type
  • Create a Single Demand Funnel
  • Generate a Single Prioritized View of all Work Aligned with Strategic Goals

Standardize Planning & Progress Reporting

  • Easily Plan Traditional, Agile & Hybrid Work
  • Bring Clarity to Planning & Status Reporting
  • Measure Project Performance in Multiple Ways

Enhance Project Portfolio Reporting

  • Easily Consolidate Portfolio Reporting
  • Improve Portfolio Analysis with Dashboards, Reports and Executive Views
  • Engage all Stakeholders with Persona Based Views & Reports

Centralize All of Your Projects, Tasks, Resources & Reports

Identifying the most valuable projects when an organization is faced with a finite budget and limited resources is essential to a project/portfolio management office’s (PMO’s) success. But once those decisions are made, effective project execution becomes paramount. While still important, most projects are no longer measured by start and end dates alone, but by the ongoing realization of business benefits – which is why a maturing PMO needs a project portfolio management (PPM) solution that supports continuous delivery, allowing the team to contribute to strategic business value on an ongoing basis. KeyedIn is an adaptive project management software solution which enables that continuous delivery through a rich feature set that centralizes all of the PMO’s projects, tasks, resources and reports in one easy-to-use system.

Project Governance

Provide your PMO with insight, governance and control across all your active projects. With KeyedIn Projects you can ensure each initiative is delivered swiftly and efficiently, as well as in accordance with the company policies and past lessons learned that provide the greatest chance for success.

Project Intake

Gather all the information needed to assess and plan projects the first time using custom forms.

Approval Workflows

Ensure projects garner the internal support needed for proper execution through configurable workflows.

Risk & Issue Management

Track, manage and resolve risks and issues associated with portfolio projects.

Project Planning and Tracking

Establish a single system of engagement for the status and progress of all projects, regardless of the work methodology being used. In addition to this comprehensive visibility, KeyedIn Projects also gives your PMO a consistent approach to planning and tracking all tasks and assignments.

Project Templates

Leverage pre-configured templates to create project plans that are effective and flexible.

Gantt Charts

Track a project’s critical path and key dependencies through rich and interactive Gantt charts.

Task Tracking

Manage the assignment of projects tasks, as well as associated deadlines, updates and issues.

Project Resource Management

Track resources by name, role and skillset, and quickly assign them to project tasks. KeyedIn Projects gives your PMO and resource managers comprehensive visibility into resource allocation and utilization to ensure the right people are assigned to the right work at the right time.

Resource Allocation

See where all your project resources are assigned and what tasks have been prioritized.

Resource Scheduling

Select the right resource by name, role or skillset and schedule them with a drag-and-drop interface.

Resource Utilization

Ensure some resources aren’t sitting idle while others are overscheduled with visual utilization tracking.

Project Management

Once the most valuable projects in your portfolio have been identified, use KeyedIn Projects to execute them quickly and efficiently. With a system that addresses the entire project execution lifecycle – from intake to assignment to completion – your PMO will stay on time and on budget.

Project Visibility

See project tasks, assignments, risks, issues, assumptions, decisions, changes, lessons and more.

Project Progress

Track the progress of all portfolio projects in real time, and then drill down to learn more.

Project Collaboration

Communicate with project teams and post updates through an easy-to-use social interface.

Time and Expense Tracking

Capture users’ time and project expenses to develop an accurate view of the effort behind a project; to drive internal cross charging; or to inform external billing. KeyedIn Projects makes time and expense entry – as well as approval – simple, and allows you to attach T&E at the project or task level.

Mobile Apps

Manage tasks, view reports, and track time and expenses through iOS and Android apps.


Gather all time submissions into a single view for quick and efficient review and approval.

Accounting Integration

Keep project expenses within KeyedIn, or share the data by integrating your accounting software.

Dashboards and Analytics

Access all of the data related to your portfolio projects in once place – from budgets and expenses to tasks and time tracking – using custom dashboards and a powerful self-service reporting engine. KeyedIn Projects gives your PMO the insight to demonstrate value and always keep improving.

Project Dashboards

Translate project plans into actionable insights with easy-to-use, configurable dashboards.

Self-Service Reporting

Get the data and insight you need without an admin’s help using a reporting wizard.

Automated Status Updates

Create status reports that are emailed to stakeholders at regular intervals.

Why Adaptive Project Management and Reporting

Adaptive Project Management Software for Continuous Delivery

As part of the KeyedIn suite of cloud-based project, program and portfolio management solutions, our Adaptive Project Management and Reporting solution eliminates the most common challenges associated with project execution and resource management.

Adopt Adaptive Approaches to Project and Work Management

The work styles teams use can be as varied as the teams themselves. While software developers may leverage Agile methodologies, the work of the IT infrastructure team may be better suited to a Waterfall approach, while the operations group relies on a modified phase-gate process. For the PMO, understanding the status and progress of all of those efforts is vital. KeyedIn Projects enables the PMO to adopt adaptive approaches to project and work management, bringing together virtually any work methodology into a single portfolio to coordinate project execution, improve collaboration and boost on-time delivery.

Streamline Project and Work Execution

The list of potential roadblocks to effective project delivery is long: Overburdened resources, a lack of real-time data, poor collaboration, and heavy-handed governance practices can all slow project delivery to a snail’s pace. Not good in competitive markets that are changing almost daily. KeyedIn Projects allows the PMO to streamline project and work execution by creating a single source of truth for project-related data, resource allocations, task assignments, risks, issues and more. That comprehensive visibility and collaboration gets the entire team moving together to smash those roadblocks and accelerate project delivery.  

Align Projects with Your Financial and Resource Constraints

With visibility into the status of every project and project request, as well as budget reporting and resource allocations, an adaptive PPM solution can help the PMO align projects with an organization’s financial and resource constraints. Real-time expense and time reporting in KeyedIn Projects gives you accurate historical data to assess the expected cost and resource requirements of any project type, enabling the PMO to precisely forecast the actual number of projects it can tackle and how much those projects will cost. Then budget vs. actual reporting shows the team’s progress toward those milestones. 

Comprehensive Project Planning, Management and Governance Tools

An effective PPM solution simplifies the planning and management of projects by providing pre-configured templates that speed the creation and improve the accuracy of both project requests and the work breakdown structure of common project types. Once a project is approved, the PMO can leverage tools like Gantt charts, status reports and assignment tracking to manage the project to completion and ensure governance practices are followed. KeyedIn Projects supports all of these capabilities by offering a suite of comprehensive project planning, management and governance tools in one PPM solution.

Intuitive Progress Dashboards and Reporting

Keeping projects on time and on budget can be a nightmare for the PMO, if project-related data is scattered across numerous systems, spreadsheets and individual laptops. As the hub for project activity, KeyedIn Projects leverages the real-time data it gathers to create intuitive progress dashboards and reporting. These dashboards and reports can be customized according to the needs of individuals or teams – and configurable data boxes help users sort through the clutter to manage by exception.

Analyze Project Snapshots and Trends

As a PPM solution gathers project data over longer and longer periods of time, your PMO can begin to analyze project trends. Though the status of projects being delivered is constantly changing, KeyedIn Projects allows you to take regular snapshots of project progress to create trend data around the time and cost of project execution and the effectiveness of the PMO and its managed resources. By analyzing these project snapshots and the resulting trends, the PMO can create a culture of continuous improvement and identify ways to make project delivery ever-more consistent and predictable.

Standardize Project Status Reporting

Trying to capture the status of managed projects through manual means – phone calls, emails, hallway conversations etc. – is a time-consuming process that leads to a lot of inconsistency in the data that’s reported. Plus, stakeholders invariably grow frustrated as requests for regular updates fall down the priority list of overburdened project managers. KeyedIn Projects eliminates these challenges by standardizing and automating the collection and distribution of project status reporting. Data entered once in KeyedIn informs any number of progress reports, and status updates can be scheduled and delivered to stakeholders on a regular basis. Finally the ability to export project information to Excel and PowerPoint gives the PMO a simple way to explore data more deeply or communicate it more widely.

Connect Multiple Tools

Because project-related work takes place in many departments around an organization – and most of those teams have their own specialized productivity tools – a comprehensive PPM solution like KeyedIn Projects supports integration with a wide range of third-party systems. KeyedIn customers will commonly integrate their PPM software with Agile development tools like Jira, IT service management systems like Cherwell, customer relationship management software like Salesforce, and many others to provide visibility and governance, even if the teams executing the work are spending most of their time in other tools. 

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