Adapt Quickly and Strategically to Align with Business Goals and Priorities

KeyedIn provides Enterprise PMO (EPMO) leaders with comprehensive, innovative technology to support the evolving role of the EPMO in today’s fast paced business world. With change at the center of all things, it’s important for the EPMO to be able to adapt quickly and strategically to align with business goals and priorities.

The New Role of the EPMO

The EPMO has always been at the center of the management of work across the entire enterprise, but now more than ever that work is constantly changing. Why? Because the needs of businesses are evolving every day. It’s no longer a set it and forget it function of a business where goals are discussed annually and a plan is put into place to be executed for the next 365 days. That just won’t work today. The EPMO must support the evolving needs of the business and having the right data available is crucial to be able to adapt and be proactive when change is on the horizon. The EPMO is a strategic business driver for businesses today and must rise to the occasion in order to succeed.

With KeyedIn Enterprise onboard your EPMO is no longer just a governance function, but a business function focused on adjusting investments in real time to ensure business benefits and the desired business outcomes are delivered.

Ensure benefits realization

Continuously monitor progress to ensure desired results are achieved.

Simplify governance

Ensure governance is a function of the EPMO rather than its purpose.

Support continuous change

Quickly and seamlessly make adjustments to business plans on the fly.

Deliver Real Business Results

Now that the EPMO is in the spotlight for delivering the results the business desires, how can you ensure you perform? The basis of all outcomes delivered through the EPMO must align strategy to execution. If execution of projects and portfolio aren’t aligned to the strategic goals of the business that misalignment won’t deliver the expected results. The best way to achieve this alignment is to continuously monitor your portfolio and ensure portfolio governance. In order to achieve strategic portfolio management, the EPMO must have those processes in place and key KPIs identified that allow you to track each portfolio against the desired business outcomes.

With KeyedIn Enterprise your EPMO is empowered to make strategic portfolio decisions resulting in delivering the optimal business results. When the EPMO has this foundation in place, it is set up for success in driving business performance and results.

Deliver portfolio-level monitoring and governance

Prioritize key KPIs that align with the goals of the business and track those accordingly.

Achieve strategy to execution alignment

Ensure strategic alignment of all execution items to business outcomes.

Empower strategic portfolio decision making

Use real-time business data to drive strategic business decisions for optimized performance.

Drive EPMO Value

With the needs of business’ today constantly evolving, the EPMO must be able to adapt. But in order to do this strategically, EPMOs must have the right information at their fingertips with comprehensive portfolio reporting and dashboards. EPMO leaders need to quickly identify areas that are no longer aligned with the strategic initiatives of the business and act accordingly. It’s also important to integrate to other crucial business systems to allow a comprehensive view all systems of record in order to make the best decision for all programs, projects, products, applications and services. Without this key data, the EPMO is flying blind and doesn’t have the strategic insights to truly drive the business forward with certainty.

With KeyedIn Enterprise your EPMO can leverage integrations with existing systems to gain a single source of the truth for all portfolio decisions. What-if scenario planning gives your EPMO the capability to model alternative portfolio plans to help determine the best most valuable direction the EPMO should take while taking into account resources, budget and more.

Comprehensive portfolio reporting and dashboards

Drive strategic decisions through real-time business insights.

Intuitive what-if scenario planning

Determine the best mix by ensuring the most valuable projects and portfolios are being prioritized.

Gain complete visibility

Gain access to key insights through seamlessly integrated systems for one-source-of-truth.

Be a Performance Focused EPMO

When EPMOs are focused on delivering and maintaining alignment between strategy and execution, the benefits of that alignment naturally follow. But those benefits aren’t simply for the EPMO itself. Performance focused, strategy driven, EPMOs enable improvements across the entire organization. Individual projects are more likely to deliver the benefits that were the drivers of their approval.

With KeyedIn Enterprise your overall portfolio stands a far greater chance of delivering on organizational goals and objectives. What’s more, the EPMO will be able to facilitate optimized resource utilization, improving the overall capacity to deliver work while improving employee engagement and motivation. And it will be able to identify the need, and opportunity, to adjust more quickly and easily when change is required, driving enterprise agility which is itself an enabler of the ability to evolve and transform.

Faster, less disruptive change

Dynamic, adaptive project delivery environments capable of adjusting with minimal wasted effort.

Improved portfolio returns

Greater returns on investments and improved performance on all benefits criteria.

Improved resource utilization

Greater portfolio capacity, better resource alignment, greater engagement.


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