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  • Check the Feasibility of Work with Demand Forecasting
  • Get Complete Clarity on Product, Project, Program & Portfolio Costs with Budgeting
  • Visualize what You Can and Can't do With Capacity Planning

Grow and Scale

  • Support Agile Team Resourcing
  • Create Strategic Forecasts from Task Based Plans
  • Make Better Financial Decisions with Project Expenditure
  • Reduce Uncertainty with Scenario Planning

Maximize Value

  • Become the Strategic Advisor in Your Business with Benefits Management
  • Master Financial Planning with In Depth Cost Management
  • Make Informed Financial Decisions with Budget Tracking

How KeyedIn Can Support You and Your Business with More Accurate Forecasting

No one expects you to be able to predict the future. What the business does expect, is that you understand what could happen and how this could impact project delivery and business outcomes. Mastering project demand and taking control of financial tracking will help you to do just that. Banish organized chaos from your business for good!


Demand Forecasting

Build demand forecasts in the way that your business needs. We provide you with the flexibility to plan in multiple directions and by different resource groups to allow you to check the feasibility of work and identify demand ‘hot-spots’.


Develop a deeper understanding of project budgets. We provide you with complete clarity on budgeted resource, costs, and revenue. And as the project progresses, track actuals against the budget baseline to allow for accurate reforecasting.

Capacity Planning

Cut through the noise of your organizational structure. We give you the opportunity to visualize what the organization can do (capacity) vs what’s needed (demand) vs what’s allocated (supply) and vs what’s really happening during delivery (actuals).

Task Based Forecast Generation

Remove the ‘unknown’ from the PMO. Create strategic forecasts based on detailed task plans. We provide you with the ability to identify demand ‘hot-spots’ and check the feasibility of projects by rolling up task plans into strategic forecasts.

Project Expenditure

Take control of your project costs. We provide you with not just the ability to track actuals vs estimated costs but with the sought-after ability to model potentially sensitive change scenarios prior to making strategic decisions.

Agile Team Resourcing

Support the business to deliver as it needs to, whether that this is traditional or agile. We provide you with the tools to support both methodologies, where teams can be allocated to projects at 100% or at a selected percentage over a given period with forecasts automatically updated.

Scenario Planning

Reduce uncertainty and speed up decision making. We provide you with the tools to visualize potential scenarios, simply identify resource implications, score projects based on contribution to KPIs and quickly assess the impact of initiatives upon each other through dependency assessment.

Benefits Management

Become the strategic advisor in your business. We provide you with the ability to link forecasted benefits back to company strategy, allowing your business to grow and thrive as it needs to, and simplify project selection based on contribution to strategic goals.

Cost Management

Master financial planning. We provide you with the tools to roll-up individual projects costs up to portfolio and program levels, allowing the PMO to provide accurate re-planning, re-forecasting, and financial reporting.

Features Summary

Achieve the control and visibility you need to transform your project financial management with KeyedIn. Project budgeting and project expenditure planning are more accurate when forecasting is completed with actual historic data. Quickly and easily roll-up all your project and portfolio delivery data into consolidated dashboard views of your financial position. Safeguard the bottom line and allow project teams to focus on only the greatest value activities with the best strategic outcomes. Better financial planning reduces inefficient stops and starts and yields effective portfolio control for improved cost management.

Demand Forecasting

  • Forecast by Team, Role and Named Resource
  • Multi-level, “top-down” and “bottom up” forecasting
  • Forecast by work phase, location, cost center or another custom identifier
  • Visualize Actual effort and spend against Forecasts during execution

Agile Team Resourcing

    • Forecast by Team as part of an Agile/Hybrid delivery approach
    • Allocate by full team availability or a percentage of team availability
    • Request and allocate an entire team in one operation
    • Automatically allocate the resources during forecast creation

Task Based Forecasting

  • Create strategic forecasts from detailed task plans
  • Forecast by Team, Role, Named Resource based on an existing Task Plan
  • Identify demand “hot-spots” across specific teams, roles and resources
  • Promote forecasting consistency and best practices through shared templates

Project Expenditure

  • Forecast by Cost Type for non-staff expenditure
  • Visualize Actual cost against Forecasts during execution
  • Permission based Approval and Baselining to enable controlled publishing and reporting
  • Allow top-down budget planning in advance of detailed project planning

Benefits Management

  • Forecast by Benefit Type aligned to the Organizations KPIs
  • Visualize benefits forecast trends over the delivery lifecycle
  • Track Actuals after delivery against Projects, Programs or Products
  • Complete clarity on forecasted benefits aligned to company strategy


  • Multi-level, “top-down” and “bottom up” budgeting at different planning and funding release stages
  • Complete clarity on budgeted Resource, Costs, Revenue
  • Visualize Actual effort and spend against Budget during execution
  • Control project workflows by referencing budget levels and approval

Capacity Planning

  • Visualize Capacity alongside forecasted Demand, Allocations and Actual effort
  • Identify demand “hot-spots” across different teams & roles for early remedial action
  • Complete clarity on forecasted Resource demand against capacity
  • Dynamically model Demand to better fit capacity

Scenario Planning

  • Model different future portfolios prior to selecting the agreed way forward
  • Identify the initiatives to progress using the water lining function
  • Identify the resource implications of the selected scenario for action
  • Approve and publish the agreed scenario for portfolio tracking

Cost Management

  • Complete clarity on costs vs Task plan and forecast
  • Track actual spend against forecast/plan
  • Allows accurate re-planning/re-forecasting and financial reporting
  • Report by period including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually

Budget Tracking

  • Multi-level, “top-down” and “bottom up” budget tracking for Portfolios and Programs throughout their lifecycles
  • Complete clarity on Resource and Cost budget and delivery progress
  • Track actual spend against budget baseline to allow accurate re-forecasting and financial reporting
  • Promote forecasting consistency and best practices through shared templates

What Makes KeyedIn Different?

Being “on budget” is considered one of the core success factors of project management so it follows that budget management is a critical element of any PMO. But budgets change and you need to manage that change through a flexible process that retains the original budget as well as building a forecast to complete the project. KeyedIn allows you to build budgets and forecasts at any level within your project hierarchy. Regardless of your choice, you can roll-up the forecast from the lowest level, build forecasts from detailed task-based plans, as well as create the higher-level forecasts to effectively manage business transformation and change initiatives. Whichever process you adopt for your PMO, KeyedIn helps build the information at the level you need to keep a tight rein over cost and budget performance.

Ideal for dynamic PMOs

  • Ability to plan in multiple directions and by resource groups
  • Supports confidential ‘what-if’ modelling
  • Identifies demand ‘hot-spots’
  • Dynamically adjust demand to fit available capacity

PMO as strategy execution office

  • Ensures open assessment through transparent scoring of initiatives against operational KPIs
  • Assessment of projects vs organizational KPIs to support selection of new work
  • Visibility of the ‘big picture’ as well as portfolio and program levels

Supports best practice

  • Promotes forecasting consistency using shared templates
  • Allows seamless creation of strategic forecasts from detailed task plans
  • Standardizes key functions

Really Smooth Implementation, With Great Support All The Way

"We implemented KeyedIn to provide us with a 'one stop shop' for project and portfolio management. The tool has landed really well, and great feedback has been received from the users."

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