Start Fast

    • Stardarize detailed task level and assignment planning
    • Visualize project progress and resource utilization
    • Access all your critical project data on the move with the KeyedIn Mobile App

    Grow and Scale

      • Track and monitor the detail within the project to ensure overall project delivery success
      • Deliver agile projects without the need to heavily invest in additional tools
      • Standardize regular progress reviews and status reports

      Maximize Value

        • Keep project delivery on track by identifying progress issues
        • Integrate with Agile tools such as DevOps and Jira for complete visibility
        • Capture time spent on a project in a way that suits your needs

        How KeyedIn Can Help You Improve the Tracking of Project Progress and Performance

        Provide your business with critical insight into your organization’s delivery and project performance. Capture data today to move your current projects along, but more importantly, learn from the past to manage future delivery more accurately.


        Task Planning

        Detailed task level and assignment planning, plus allocation of specific individuals to maximize utilization. We provide you with the tools to create milestone tasks (or summary tasks) with automatic calculation of effort and completion based on the status of ‘child tasks’ to take true control of task planning.

        Kanban Project Management

        Deliver agile projects without the need to heavily invest in additional tools. We provide you with the capability to deliver to a traditional or hybrid methodology, as well as being able to support agile delivery elements such as Task, Story, Feature and Epic as tiles on a Kanban board.

        Project Tracking

        Track and monitor the detail within the project to ensure overall project delivery success. We help you to identify variations within the detail so that you can plan remedial action where needed.

        Task Management

        Keep project delivery on track by identifying progress issues and support replanning for unexpected events. We provide you with the ability to visualize the critical path helping you to focus attention on delivering those tasks that provide the shortest path through to the end date.

        Project Time Tracking

        Capture time spent on a project in a way that suits your needs. We provide you with the ability to record as much (detailed timesheets with customer specific fields) or as little data as the PMO needs to drive variance identification, forecasting, invoicing, and feeding future plans.

        Features Summary

        Project tracking with KeyedIn allows you to plan and manage the details of a project: your tasks, phases, activities, stages; either in a Waterfall or Agile approach, or a combination of both.

        Task Management

        • Keep delivery on track
        • Track the completion status of tasks using the Gantt or Task Board
        • Identify progress issues and facilitate replanning for unexpected events
        • Allocate/re-allocate tasks between resources to maximize the potential for successful delivery

        Kanban Task Board

        • Visualize and maintain Agile delivery elements (eg Task, Story, Feature, Epic etc.)
        • Drag and Drop through a chosen completion status as work progresses
        • View and complete tasks and related child tasks
        • Provides Agile ways of working to customers who do not have an existing Agile tool

        Project Tracking

          • View a breakdown of tasks and assignments to see the actual effort recorded and manage the completion status
          • Set individual or groups of tasks as a % complete or fully complete
          • Identify any variations in achievement to plan and implement any remedial actions
          • Ensure overall project delivery success

        Project Time Tracking

        • Multiple entry options including weekly view or the My Work Assignment widget
        • Simple entry/approval process is supported through permissions
        • Flexible entry options for chargeability, standard/overtime, cost centre, role, custom fields and notes
        • Compare actuals to forecasts and task/asignment estimates

        Mobile App

        • Quickly capture timesheets against projects, activities, tasks and assignments
        • Intuitive expense entry, submission and approval with multi-currency support
        • Easily view your task assignments
        • Access key dashboards and analytics on the move
        • Keep up to date with push notifications

        What Makes KeyedIn Different?

        The project progress tracking tools in KeyedIn ensure you have complete visibility and control over the creation, allocation and completion of tasks in your business. From the quick creation of tasks, to allocating resources, notifying resources, completing tasks and automating reminders, KeyedIn provides a quick and easy to use solution.

        Intelligent planning

        • Suggests suitable candidates based on the skill required and availability
        • Direct scheduling of absences and repeatable tasks such as daily stand-ups
        • Set task dependencies to allow automatic sequencing to show the timeline and shortest delivery dates

        Automated Financial Data Capture

        • Feeds into planned revenue reporting and detailed effort tracking
        • Integrates into other parts of the PPM tool to support full governance and financial forecasting and tracking
        • Feeds your finance systems through extract or integration of the detailed data

        Multiple methodologies

        • Visualize and maintain Agile delivery with the Kanban Task Board
        • Detailed task level and assignment planning for traditional projects
        • Comprehensive integration and summary views for a Hybrid approach

        Improve Productivity With KeyedIn

        "KeyedIn Projects has been a great addition to our project execution process. It helps us work better and become more productive at work. We are able to efficiently plan resource capacity, divide and assign tasks, collaborate effectively and efficiently manage our time. It allows us to also carry stakeholders and clients along as they can also view project progress whenever they like."

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