If you are concerned about setting up your PMO, then maybe you should be – the failure rate is very high with approximately half of all PMOs closing down within three years or considered implementation failures

Fortunately, it’s not all bad news. A select few PMOs are maturing to add great value to their businesses. Throughout this ebook we will walk through what these best in class PMOs do to separate themselves from the rest. You will learn how with the right knowledge and an effective game plan you can make a huge difference to your PMO strategy – both strategically and tactically through the use of Project Portfolio Management Software (PPM) designed for the PMO.

Key topics include...

  • Section 1: The Disturbing Reality about Today’s PMO – Avoid the Consequences of an Ineffective PPM and PMO Strategy
  • Section 2: How PMO, PPM, and PM Work Together – Ensuring Visibility, Governance, Productivity, and Control
  • Section 3: Benefits and Uses of PMO and PPM – Measuring Your Business Impact
  • Section 4: PMO and PPM Resource Management and Capacity Planning – Allocating Resources for Business Success
  • Section 5: Best Practices in PPM and PMO – How to Improve Efficiency, ROI, and Overall Productivity
  • Section 6: Ensuring that Your PMO and PPM Strategy Will Succeed – How KeyedIn Solutions Can Help

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