Deliver Strategic Priorities and Departmental Initiatives in Parallel

KeyedIn provides domain PMO leaders with the right tools to allow them to support both the strategic priorities of the enterprise, and the departmental initiatives that have to be delivered in parallel. With business areas having to balance those priorities while still transforming, it’s essential for domain PMOs to have the insight they need at all times.

Balance Enterprise and Departmental Initiatives

Domain PMOs have always been champions of the needs of their departments, but that hasn’t always resulted in alignment with organizational priorities. The bottom-up nature of siloed project proposals and approvals has often resulted in domain PMOs being asked to deliver work that only nominally aligns with enterprise goals and objectives. Domain PMOs find themselves ‘stuck’ between the strategic needs of the business and the departmental needs of the function they report into. That must now change, with domain PMOs acting as enablers of strategy execution first, supported by departmental progress second.

With KeyedIn Enterprise, domain PMOs can provide their teams with context and understanding of how their work supports the enterprise, as well as help balance resourcing needs across all portfolio and departmental initiatives. At the same time, they can provide clear and complete communication from the strategy delivery frontlines to portfolio management and related functions, helping to clarify and collaborate to optimize performance.

Balance strategic and departmental needs

Balance resources to ensure priorities are met and performance is optimized.

Provide contextualized communication

Facilitate effective two-way communication between portfolio management and work execution.

Empower delivery managers & teams

Provide teams with context and help them overcome challenges.

Enable Improved Business Performance

As a domain PMO leader who is expected to support the portions of the strategic portfolio that impact your business area, while still delivering on your own departmental initiatives, how do you ensure that all needs are met? How do you deal with conflicting priorities, inconsistent expectations and the potential misalignment of enterprise and domain needs? There must be a structured, enterprise wide, approach, one that integrates strategic organizational needs with departmental priorities. Only then can decisions be made in the best interests of all needs, and only then can domain PMOs ensure execution of work aligns with prioritized investments to enable the best possible outcomes.

With KeyedIn Enterprise Domain PMOs can ensure all work is managed to deliver ‘on benefit’, that resources are allocated to areas of greatest return, and that all stakeholders align with the needs of the business.

Achieve enterprise and departmental integration

One set of priorities for all work, one demand funnel, common goals.

Drive an on benefit focus

Initiatives managed to enable business outcomes, not simply complete project outputs.

Optimized resource assignments

The best fit of resources for all work, optimizing utilization rates and avoiding single points of expertise.

Gain Insights, Drive Actions

Domain PMOs start as consumers of strategic planning information. PPM solutions must be capable of supporting intuitive, collaborative planning and communication capabilities such as roadmaps to provide consistent messaging to all domain PMOs. Domain PMO leaders also need to be able to plan and prioritize their departmental work without impacting the ability to contribute to strategic initiatives. That requires the ability to centralize demand and intake, and to model different portfolio and resource distribution mixes in order to optimize performance across all work. To do this Domain PMOs must be supported in their work by functionality that drives effectiveness and efficiency – automated workflows, accurate and complete actual data tracking, what-if analysis, and more.

With KeyedIn Enterprise your Domain PMO can leverage integrations with team level work management tools, allowing your people to work how they want without compromising the quality of the overall portfolio and project level information.

Automation and integration

Efficient data and work flow freeing domain PMOs up to focus on value optimization.

Centralized intake and demand management

Single source of truth for prioritization across all business areas and work types.

Effective planning and communication

Collaborative planning, common understanding and intuitive context.

Drive Business, and Departmental Performance

Projects, all projects, are done to deliver improvements to the business. With major, strategic initiatives those improvements may be dramatic, with more mundane, departmentally focused projects the focus may be more on keeping the lights on and delivering small incremental gains. But all of those benefits are important, and all must be delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible. When domain PMOs become an extension of the portfolio management function, the execution arm of the portfolio for their business area, this begins to happen. When that function combines with the ability to deliver the right business domain initiatives without compromising strategic needs, the gains become more significant.

With KeyedIn Enterprise your domain PMO will be able to facilitate effective relationships across all teams, stakeholders and decision-making functions, enabling the organization to achieve optimal performance levels, and leverage those for future needs.

Improved future readiness

Integrated, collaborative approaches create a framework for delivering future business needs.

More effective and efficient delivery

Better understanding of purpose allows for better engagement and improved performance.

On benefit performance for every project

No need to compromise some work for others, all initiatives deliver on expectations.


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