Start Fast

    • Evaluate New Project Requirements And Anticipate Resource Gaps With Resource Demand Planning
    • Dynamically Model Demand Changes With Resource Capacity Planning

Grow and Scale

    • Centrally Search And Allocate The Right Resource To Your Projects With Resource Supply Management
    • Make The Most Effective Use Of Your Resources With Resource Assignment Scheduling

Maximize Value

  • Consolidate Resource Allocation Across Agile And Traditional Projects With Team Resourcing
  • Combine Central And Local Control Of Your Resource Allocation With Combined Resourcing

How KeyedIn Can Support You and Your Business with More Accurate Project Resource Management

No business has unlimited resource, budgets, or time. Help your business to understand the value of the PMO, by enabling them with a real-time view of resource utilized (and required) across your products, projects, programs, portfolio's and tasks. Support the leadership team to make decisions using scenario planning and help to avoid expensive emergency resource and costly project failures.


Resource Demand Planning

Evaluate new project requirements and anticipate resource gaps by implementing role and resource based demand planning. We help you to provide an accurate and real-time view of where resource is needed to enable swift decision making, avoiding expensive emergency resourcing.

Resource Capacity Planning

Dynamically model demand changes to fit the resource capacity of your business. We provide you with the ability to constantly assess current and future work demands by balancing capacity and demand by resource, role, team, organizational area, and location. We even help you to cut by confirmed and provisional requirements.

Resource Supply Management

Centrally search and allocate the right resource to your projects. We enable you to avoid valuable resource being under- or over-utilized and help you to visualize the entire resourcing position in real-time.

Team Resourcing

Allow your business to adopt the project methodology it needs and wants. We enable you to support your business to successfully utilize both waterfall and agile, by consolidating resourcing and financial management at the same consistent level.

Resource Assignment Scheduling

Make sure your valuable resource is happy, being used effectively and not under- or over-utilized. We support you to minimize resource attrition by helping you to assign resource by role and skill at a project level. For more standard tasks, you can adopt creative variable usage profiles and multiple resource assignments.

Combined Resourcing

Constantly evaluate and fine tune resource decisions across your organization. We support you to deploy central and local resource control with full visibility of strategic (project) and scheduling (tasks) with flexibility to view from top-down or bottom-up. In short, we help you to spot any issues before they happen.

Features Summary

KeyedIn, with built-in resource request, allocation and utilization tools, is the gold standard in project resource planning software. With these assets, you have visibility and control to forecast demand and recalibrate your resource utilization as the business – not your own limitations — demand.

Resource Demand Planning

  • Identify potential resource capacity issues and gaps
  • Evaluate the feasability of new projects and quickly evaluate the impact of change
  • Identify what additional resource is needed to deliver the strategy
  • Provide accurate, real-time resourcing information to leadership

Resource Capacity Planning

  • Constantly assess the feasibiloty of current and future work by balancing capacity and demand
  • Improve delivery confidence and manage customer expectations
  • Assess changes quickly and make informed course corrections
  • Dynamically model demand changes to fit the capacity

Resource Supply Management

  • Centrally search and allocate the right resources to projects
  • Allocate at individual or team level
  • Search on Role/Team/Skills/Location
  • Visualize the entire resourcing position in real time

Team Resourcing

  • Provide rapid Agile team supply and financial forecasting
  • Ensure companies operating mixed models can consolidate resourcing and financial management at the same consistent level
  • Easily move a team’s supply and financial forecast when replanning

Resource Assignment Scheduling

  • Search and allocate the right resources to projects, using Role and Skill with “drag and drop” control
  • Ensure resources are happy, being used effectively and not over or underworked
  • Identify over and under allocation at the task level
  • Ensure clarity of what everyone is working on

Combined Resourcing

  • Integrate strategic resourcing and scheduling
  • Centrally supply resources to the project then locally allocate resources to individual tasks
  • Highlight where centrally allocated resources are being under or over-utilized on tasks
  • Allows constant evaluation and fine tuning of Resource decisions across the entire organization

What Makes KeyedIn Different?

KeyedIn enables your organization to accurately predict your capability to deliver projects, programs, strategies or ideas. KeyedIn provides all areas of your business with an easy to use project and resource management tool that help's you define resource demand based on teams and roles. Through intuitive dashboards, executives can gain a real-time view of resource capabilities, enabling them to easily identify any resource shortfalls and to make critical go, kill and hold decisions based on accurate resourcing data.

Anticipate the future

  • Identify hot and cold spots for resolution
  • Predict hiring needs, avoid expensive emergency resourcing
  • Supports constant evaluation and fine tuning of resource decisions across the entire organization

Control costs

  • Stay in budget and on track
  • Dynamically model demand changes to fit the capacity
  • Evaluate the feasibility of new projects

Protect your business

  • Support employee wellbeing by avoiding bench time and burn-out
  • Support corporate alignment by providing clarity of what everyone is working on
  • Successfully manage customer expectations with real-time reporting

Improve Productivity With KeyedIn

"KeyedIn Projects has been a great addition to our project execution process. It helps us work better and become more productive at work. We are able to efficiently plan resource capacity, divide and assign tasks, collaborate effectively and efficiently manage our time. It allows us to also carry stakeholders and clients along as they can also view project progress whenever they like."

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