Getting you up and running quickly with a high standard implementation and on-boarding process

  • Understanding your painpoints, requirements and processes
  • Alignment on your goals and objectives
  • Benefit from an experienced honest team to help deliver a best practice approach
  • Formal handover and kick off process 

Helping you with user adoption, providing resources and expertise at every step in your journey

  • KeyedIn Customer Success webinars catering for functional level and business level users, how-to videos and Masterclasses 
  • Managed services packages, training courses, customer events, user-groups and customer forums
  • Account management from people that care, expert consultants, usability analysis and 24/7 live support

Maximize value by working with us in a partnership to continuously grow and innovate

  • A product leadership team that reacts to your feedback and ideas to help you evolve
  • A customer sucess team that provide expert care and advice
  • An advocacy program that shares your opinions and best practices
  • A customer advisory board that ensures continious development and innovation

With You When You Start. Here for You as You Grow

Experience a collaborative, customer focused approach, delivered by people that care. At KeyedIn, our customers are not just a number, it is not just a vendor and buyer relationship. Teaming up with KeyedIn is about forging a true partnership, a mutually beneficial relationship that delivers lasting success. We will not simply implement and go away, our goal is to provide experience and guidence at every stage of your journey with us; from implementation and onboarding, to supporting your organization's ability to scale and achieve growth, right through to value realization.

Implementation & Onboarding

We help you gather and assess requirements, balance best practices and configure a solution to meet your organization’s unique needs.


Our experts are here to help you on your PPM journey. The team working with you acts as your industry expert and advises on the best path forward.

Continued Support

Customer success team members are always available for continued support and guidance, whether you’re just getting started or a long-term partner.

Onsite Training & Enablement

We provide your team everything they need to get up and running, starting with an initial training to ensure dedicated admins are ramped and productive.

Continued Education

As you grow into the product, we provide training videos and software release updates, so your team is always up to speed on the latest from KeyedIn.

Additional Best Practice Guidance

Beyond just implementation, our team of PPM experts can also tap decades of best practice knowledge to help optimize your PPM solution and processes over time.   

Community Portal & User Groups

The KeyedIn Community Portal allows our users to help each other and provide insights. We also coordinate user groups for the sharing of ideas and best practices.

Live Support

As urgent questions arise, our team of support experts is there to guide you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether you’re based in Los Angeles or London.

Project Updates & Customer Feedback

We rely on our customers to help us improve. KeyedIn’s commitment to customer success includes regularly updating the product based on real customer feedback.

Universal Electronics

"The support was exceptionally strong. In fact, that was one of the key differentiators early on. Rather than saying, just fit into our mold, [KeyedIn] actually said, we'll help you put innovative solutions together."

Michael Stone | Executive Director, Program Management
Universal Electronics Inc.

Discover how Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) has achieved new success within their entire global portfolio of projects with real-time visibility of portfolio health with an easy to use user interface that was customized for their unique business to solve common PMO problems.