The right PPM solution can strategically manage task assignments across the company with visibility and control. These tools drill-down into granular, day-to-day project management actions and gather progress updates and percent-complete statistics for your enterprise-wide, decision-making abilities. All work management is represented to gain a single version of the truth on all levels of the portfolio.

The return-on-your-investment in the right work management tool within the KeyedIn Projects portfolio management solution is measured by exponential cost savings and enhanced risk management. And the user experience (UX) ensures PMs will easily use it every day.

From Project Manager to PMO Leader: Customize Dashboards to View “My Work”

Role-based views for every task, every time

Every role in your organization, from project manager to IT project manager to PMO director needs to be able to look at the data specific to complete their task assignments. The PPM must carry a “My Projects” capability that is fully configurable to suit the needs of different users, whether it's how your dashboard content is laid out or what widgets you want on your display. This persona-based approach is not just a one-size-fits-all - it is about individuals being able to work in a way that makes sense to them and their role within the organization. But, at the same time, having the ability to share, publish, and dictate those views across the organization or mandate them should you so wish.

Time and Expense Reporting That Reduces Confusion, Cuts Costs

Employ User-Friendly Processes That They Will Really Use

If your data comparing your resource’s time expenditure against project budget is not real-time you are at risk of being three steps behind in proficiency, and miles behind a healthy project ecosystem. You could be missing critical overages, while teaching both your resources and executives that your efficiency is not where it needs to be. Offline hours spent manually gathering time and expense reports keeps your PMs from optimal action toward delivery. A simple, intuitive and mobile interface is the key to happy and effective PMs and controlling cost overruns at the portfolio level.

Improve Collaborative Power: Collaborative Teams Hit Targets

Get everyone working on the same page

Resources that collaborate effectively get the job done using real-time percent-complete information and day-to-day project management task dashboards that are role-based. Enterprise-wide project execution runs on your project managers’ laptops or mobile phones. With great UX ratings, the PMO team becomes more likely to use KeyedIn Projects to achieve new levels of productivity in meeting deliverables—as well as customer expectations.

Document Storage for Day-to-Day Project Management

Avert disaster with PPM document control and storage

Every moving part must be accounted for in your project management processes: Excel or other spreadsheets, disparate emails, contracts and specifications housed on numerous platforms, amounts to document storage chaos that won’t get you where you need to be. Risks mount as granular details drop off the radar. Capturing all your documents in one place and working collaboratively always creates trust in the level of detail you need to collaborate effectively. Not only effectively, but on every level of your enterprise, credibility is built from a stable and steady work management platform that delivers true value for the project team and executive sponsor alike.