Top-Down Portfolio Management for Investment-Led Decision-Making

  • Strategic Alignment
  • Portfolio Governance
  • Portfolio Monitoring
  • Dynamic Decision Support

Adaptive Project Management for Continuous Delivery

  • Demand Intake
  • Project Prioritization & Selection
  • Planning, Management and Progress Tracking
  • Powerful Dashboards & Analytics

Powerful Integration for Effective & Efficient Execution Across All Workstyles

  • Mix Methodologies
  • MS Project Integration
  • JIra & DevOps Integration
  • ITSM Integration

Discover How KeyedIn Enterprise Delivers the Visibility and Control Needed to Put Your PMO Front and Center on Your Organization’s Journey to Strategic Success

You wouldn't choose an all-star basketball team from among a group of world-class hockey players. Both may feature excellent athletes, but each has its own specialty. Yet each day thousands of companies make do with one-size-fits-all enterprise project and portfolio management (EPPM) solutions considered "good enough" by vendors whose specialty is support, accounting or product development. Real EPPM - the kind that enables you to place the right bets on the highest-value investments, turn quickly when the market or strategies change, and deliver faster than ever before - should be left to the experts. Avoid those one-size-fits-all software suites and consider a best-of-breed EPPM tool that offers both top-down strategic planning with bottom-up project execution.

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) Software for Investment-Led Decision-Making

Whether your PMO is a shared service supporting many enterprise initiatives or focused on a single companywide effort like digital transformation, KeyedIn Enterprise can help you model, analyze and prioritize your portfolio of projects to ensure your team delivers optimal value.


Strategic Alignment

Ensure that every portfolio project aligns with corporate or product strategy.

Portfolio Selection & Prioritization

Model “what-if” scenarios to prioritize the most valuable projects.

Resource Capacity Planning

Accurately understand resource capacity vs. demand at any point in time.

Product Portfolio Management

Pivot to a product-centric model by managing roadmaps and value streams.

Portfolio Reporting

Gather portfolio insights and trends using a powerful self-service reporting engine.

Mix Methodologies

Bring together Waterfall, Agile and other project methodologies into a single portfolio.

Adaptive Project Management (APM) Software for Continuous Delivery

Whatever the size of your project management office (PMO), however many projects you are delivering, KeyedIn Enterprise can help you increase your chances of success, ensure resources are utilized appropriately, reduce and manage risk across the entire project lifecycle, and keep costs under control.


Project Planning & Tracking

Leverage project templates and track tasks, assignments, risks and issues.

Project Management

Establish a single system of engagement for the status and progress of all projects.

Resource Management

Plan and manage resource allocation and utilization at the project and task level.

Time & Expense Tracking

Capture time and expenses to drive internal cross charging or external billing.

Dashboards & Analytics

Visualize project insights and trends using custom dashboards and reports.

Mobile Apps

Manage tasks, view reports, and track time and expenses through iOS and Android apps.

Why KeyedIn Enterprise

Complete End-to-End Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management

Connect strategy and execution with KeyedIn Enterprise, a product that provides PMO and executive leadership with a robust solution for end-to-end enterprise project and portfolio management.

By offering both top-down portfolio decision-making with bottom-up project execution, KeyedIn Enterprise manages the entire project portfolio lifecycle, enabling your organization to place the right bets on the most valuable investments, turn quickly to respond to market and competitive changes, and deliver faster than ever before.

Deliver on Your Business Strategy

The unique combination of strategic planning and project execution within KeyedIn Enterprise enables your project management office (PMO) to ensure the work being completed across the organization is aligned with company strategy. Research conducted by KeyedIn shows that while the majority of executives feel their strategies and the PMO’s execution are very well aligned, less than a quarter of PMO leaders feel the same. KeyedIn Enterprise closes that gap to help drive strategic success.

Optimize the Value of All Projects (Not just IT)

KeyedIn Enterprise provides a single system for portfolio planning. No more gathering project requests in a spreadsheet, running down missing details and seeking approval through email. KeyedIn leverages customizable project intake forms to gather key details for every project request – whether it’s a software implementation in IT, a compliance project or a full-scale digital transformation initiative. And approval workflows are built in to route each request through the proper channels.

Perform Accurate and Objective Comparisons of Potential Investments

For many companies, the process of prioritizing a portfolio of projects is anything but objective. Often it comes down to which project owner yells the loudest or which request reaches the PMO first. KeyedIn Enterprise allows you to objectively score project requests based on strategic alignment, revenue potential and much more – and then compare those projects and model potential scenarios to ensure your portfolio investments deliver the best possible value.

Fully Align Investment Decisions

With portfolio decisions based on objective data rather than emotional reactions or political wrangling, KeyedIn Enterprise gives you the power to ensure the organization’s limited resources and budget are being used to advance strategic goals, rather than being splintered across a myriad of disconnected efforts. Plus, when portfolio investment decisions are fully aligned with company strategy, the credibility of the PMO increases, and the office is seen as a strategic business partner instead of just a tactical implementer of IT projects.

Deliver Enterprise-wide Resource Planning

Effectively planning resource capacity is essential to a PMO’s success. Without an accurate resource plan, it’s impossible for you to know how many of those prioritized projects your team can tackle – or when you have to start saying no. In addition, resource planning in KeyedIn Enterprise allows you to track the unique skills of each resource and plan capacity based on provisional, confirmed and forecasted demand, to ensure the PMO can assign the right resources to the most valuable cross-functional projects

Quantify the Value of All Your Efforts

For a PMO that aims to be a strategic business partner, simply completing projects on time and under budget is no longer an adequate measure of success. Instead, benefits and business outcomes must be tracked and reported. With customizable dashboards and a powerful, easy-to-use self-service reporting engine, KeyedIn Enterprise delivers rich analytics that you can use to understand not just the status and progress of portfolio projects, but also the impact those projects are having on business goals and strategic KPIs.

Take a Disciplined Approach

KeyedIn Enterprise offers a unique combination of flexibility and governance to ensure the right projects are delivered using the right resources in the best possible timeframe. That disciplined approach spans the entire lifecycle of a project portfolio – from prioritization and capacity planning to Gantt charts, task management and resource assignments. By managing both the strategy and the execution of portfolio projects – and gathering data from a myriad of third-party systems like Jira or TFS – KeyedIn gives you one place to manage, align, track, modify and enhance your project portfolio, across virtually any work methodology, from Waterfall to Agile and everything in between

Embrace Transparency and Visibility

Having real-time visibility across your project portfolio from a single, consolidated view – encompassing both the strategic alignment and impact of those projects, as well as the progress toward their delivery – is key. From this vantage point comes empowerment for your PMO: the ability to determine priorities, plan resources, assess risks, measure benefits and monitor progress across a myriad of inter-connected projects, both in and out of IT. It’s that level of visibility and transparency that puts the PMO front and center on an organization’s journey to strategic success

Really Smooth Implementation, With Great Support All The Way

"We implemented KeyedIn to provide us with a 'one stop shop' for project and portfolio management. The tool has landed really well, and great feedback has been received from the users."

Read the full review on Gartner Peer Insights

KeyedIn Integrates with Your Core Systems

The project management office requires visibility; and gaining that visibility means accessing not only data from your PPM system, but also many other systems where project-related work is occurring. That’s why KeyedIn provides and maintains integrations to a variety of core systems that your team members and assigned resources use every day.

Explore Integrations

Technology Partners

As a best-of-breed vendor, KeyedIn understands the need to play nicely with the software and services you already have in place – from Agile development tools to IT support systems. In addition, KeyedIn partners with many innovative technology companies to expand the possibilities of PPM.

AI & Machine Learning

Use Addepto to add predictive analytics to KeyedIn to identify potential problems early.

Software Intelligence

By measuring software security, resilience and more, CAST adds a new dimension to portfolio management.

Change Management

Changefirst applies proven change management practices and technology to strategic projects.


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