Start Fast

  • Standardize Role Based Visibility with Configurable Dashboards
  • Improve Control with Consistent Project Status Reporting
  • Gain Instant Visibility with Comprehensive Out-the-Box Reporting

Grow and Scale

  • Engage Stakeholders with Tailored Executive Dashboards
  • Gain a Single Version of the Truth with Reporting Integration
  • Demonstrate Clear Business Value with PPT Reporting Packs

Maximize Value

  • Deliver Key Customer Specific Reports with Custom Report Writing
  • Ensure a Regular Reporting Cadence with Automated Reporting
  • Provide a Rounded View across all PMO Systems with Embedded Reporting

Effective Tools for Project Management, PMO Reporting and Executive Visibility

If your business has several large or complex projects happening at the same time, having a centralized view is crucial. We understand that different stakeholders have different needs, that’s why we offer a range of project management reporting tools and dashboards to help you efficiently communicate simply and more easily across the business.


Configurable Dashboards

Support effective, and speedier, stakeholder engagement by providing them with only the information they need to see. We provide you with the ability to create custom configured views according to stakeholder role i.e., Team Member, Portfolio Manager, Finance Manager.

Project Status Reporting

Produce summary reporting at regular milestones or time intervals. We provide you with the tools to quickly produce project status reporting that is consistent and view-only. We even track when reports aren’t produced.

Out of the Box Reporting

Start project reporting today with our library of reporting widgets. We provide you with a range of industry-standard reporting widgets that mean that you can produce relevant and meaningful reporting with minimal effort needed.

Executive Dashboards

Create a reporting view that helps you to give your senior stakeholders what they need to take and make important decisions. We provide you with the ability to customize configurable views that can then be consumed via App, desktop or mobile.

Reporting Integration

Projects don’t operate in vacuum; they are deeply embedded within the fabric of your organization. We provide you with the ability to integrate KeyedIn data into other BI tools and systems such as PowerBI and Domo. Helping you to remove project and information silos from your business.

PPT Reporting

Snapshot reporting is an important part of project management. We enable you to create these simply and easily whilst understanding your need to create project update packs, so our platform helps you to output the necessary views into PPT format.

Custom Reporting

Some businesses have very specific reporting criteria. Although KeyedIn is a cloud-based solution, we do have the capability to support complex and bespoke reporting requirements. Work with our Development team to define what you need, and we will deliver.

Automated Reporting

Keeping up with a defined reporting cadence can be tough. If your project requires set reporting to be sent out to a defined list of stakeholders on a regular interval, then we can support you to set up workflows for these reports to be automatically sent out. We can help you focus your attention on the areas that will really add value.

Embedded Reporting

Although we all dream of data being held in one place, it’s seldom the case that this is true. We provide you with the ability to embed reports from other 3rd party platforms into your KeyedIn reporting, helping you to create a more rounded view for your stakeholders.

Features Summary

KeyedIn offers a comprehensive range of enterprise project management dashboards, project status reporting tools, configurable dashboards and out-the-box reporting to meet the analytical needs of PM's, PMO Leaders, Project Stakeholders and Executives.

Executive Dashboards

  • Easily create custom configured views
  • Provide immediate status updates
  • Facilitate executive action & decision making
  • View via the app or mobile device

Configurable Dashboards

  • Configure views specific to the users role
  • Personalize information to drive action
  • Support common roles - for example Team Member, Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Program Manager and Resource Manager

Project Status Reporting

  • Standard PDF or customized report
  • Fast production
  • Consistent content & appearance
  • Detail & summary versions

Out-the-Box Reporting

  • Standard set of reports and widgets
  • Catalog of additional reports available
  • A good starting point for all common roles
  • Adapt to your individual needs

PowerPoint Reporting

  • Configurable to customer needs
  • Standardized format for PM's
  • Supports summary Program & Portfolio level packs

Custom Report Writing

  • Customize existing reports
  • Build new reports from scratch
  • Report wirting service available to support complex and bespoke requirements

Email/Scheduled Reports

  • Automate regular reporting tasks
  • Supports Excel and PDF formats
  • Configure using the in-built report writer
  • Supports automatic production & email

Iframe Integration

  • Embed Widgets from 3rd party Iframe enabled products
  • Display data not available in KeyedIn
  • Make KeyedIn the one-stop-shop for all portfolio data

Reporting Integration

  • Includes standard API
  • Easily integrate with other BI tools such as PowerBI and Domo
  • Consolidate data from other tools

What Makes KeyedIn Different

With KeyedIn you’ll never miss a number: User-friendly widgets, streamlined data integration and customizable dashboards allow end-to-end control to lock in the value of your PMO. With everything up-to-date and visible, there are no surprises (like cost overruns) when reports reach executives. Whichever reports your enterprise prefers, dashboards, roadmaps, schedules, timelines or persona-based views, KeyedIn combines decades of professional project management experience in one tool to give you a single version of the truth.

Remain Relevant

  • Role-specific reporting
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Range of reporting structures
  • Supports custom reporting

Save Time

  • Out-of-the-box reporting and widgets
  • Ability to set-up reports using brand guidelines
  • Reporting automation
  • Summary reports created for reporting packs

Stay Connected

  • Reporting integration API
  • Ability to embed widgets from 3rd party sources
  • Reports optimized for app, desktop, and mobile viewing

Easy and Fast Implementation with Easy Education for the End Users

"Quick, efficient! From the top of the application implementation it was easy to educate the end users. The application is easy to navigate and has excelled reports to keep everyone on track. Overall I would recommend this application to others."

Clinical Implementation Specialist in the Healthcare Industry

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