Reimagine How Work Gets Done

KeyedIn provides digital transformation office leaders with the right tools to allow them to drive true transformation. Digital transformation isn’t simply increasing the use of emerging and disruptive technologies, it’s about understanding how to leverage those technologies to reimagine how work gets done. With the right vision from you, and the right insight from KeyedIn, that becomes possible.

Transformation, Not Just Digitization

Digital transformation offices face many challenges. The acceleration of digitization that was facilitated by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has continued, with organizations looking to leverage emerging technologies to optimize performance across all areas of the business. For some this is necessity if they are to survive, for others it represents an opportunity to gain competitive advantage. But the ‘easy’ stuff is now complete, what remains are the more complex technologies, those that are potentially more disruptive. And critically, the transformation element still needs to be embraced. For many organizations digital transformation has so far been about improving effectiveness and efficiency through technology, but successful digital transformation requires a reimagination of how things are done, and in some case, what is done. Leveraging disruptive technologies to redefine business is where digital transformation offices can truly deliver revolutionary performance. And that requires more than technology – it requires people and culture.

Beyond digitization

The need to do more than simply automate and integrate with technology.

Continuous transformation

Integrated, collaborative approaches create a framework for delivering future business needs.

Reimagining what’s possible

Digital transformation is about engaging people to redefine what’s possible.

Digital Doesn’t Differentiate, Transformation Does

For many organizations, the digital transformation focus in recent years has very much definitely been on the digital aspect – implementing the technologies that improve ways of working and then seeking to optimize the use of those technologies through improved processes, integrations, automated workflows, etc. This is understandable. The significant disruption caused by the pandemic caused organizations to simply try and maintain their levels of service and performance through very challenging circumstances, and digital transformation tools and techniques helped them achieve that. But now there needs to be more. While disruptive technologies like AI may change what can be achieved, in and of themselves they aren’t differentiators – they offer all organizations the same opportunity. To create advantages, to provide a springboard for future growth, digital transformation offices must create an environment where an organization can transform how it operates, perhaps even what it does. Only then can performance be optimized. That requires a digital transformation office that can inspire and empower, that can encourage innovation and facilitate the transition of innovative ideas into innovative solutions.

Creating separation

Embracing innovation to operate differently from everyone else using the same technologies.

Driving culture and mindsets

Going beyond the technology to envision what may be possible.

Empowering minds

Single source of truth for prioritization across all business areas and work types.

Delivering Transformation – Continuously

The role of a digital transformation office isn’t to deliver a one-time transformation of an organization to better leverage technology. Digital transformation is an ongoing evolution, constantly striving to reimagine what’s possible through technology, then deliver that capability effectively and efficiently. As such, digital transformation offices must leverage multiple aspects of PPM solutions. Firstly, they must integrate with the strategic roadmap – they must leverage digital initiatives on that roadmap to define and deliver their work, and create new items on the roadmap as a result of the transformations and innovations they enable. They must also be able to manage all of their digital and organizational change investments, measuring the actual performance of the work and tracking the key value metrics that are the ultimate indicators of business value. Digital transformation offices must also align with other strategic priorities and collaborate on resource assignments and utilization, be involved in continuous and adaptive planning, and provide governance and funding oversight to key transformation initiatives.

Lean governance and funding

Investment level oversight of transformation initiatives.

Portfolio integration

Alignment with all other strategic priorities to optimize whole organization performance.

Roadmap integration

Consuming and contributing to the strategic roadmap to enable transformation.

An Agile Business That Continuously Evolves

The ultimate measure of success for digital transformation offices is that they are no longer needed because transformation is built in to how the entire organization thinks and performs. That may not be achievable for a number of business cycles, but as organizations shift to a model that sees their operations continuously evolve, replacing stable operations with constant growth, it must be the goal. Achieving that requires a culture of transformation and innovation, a commitment to challenging accepted norms and seeking out new ways to leverage emerging and disruptive technologies to achieve what has not previously been possible. It requires teams who are empowered to drive change themselves in order to optimize value, it requires leadership that recognizes the merits of empowered, autonomous teams. It requires individuals to have the skills to understand how work converts to value in the organization’s unique environment, and it requires a support infrastructure to provide staff with those skills and the confidence to apply them. It’s not easy, but achieve it and you have an agile enterprise that is continuously transforming to optimize what can be achieved with leading edge approaches to leverage leading edge technologies.

Commitment to excellence

Embrace the idea that today’s innovation is tomorrow’s obsolete solution and constantly strive to do more.

Continuous innovation

Constantly challenging the way things are done in pursuit of new definitions of excellence.

Empowered autonomy

Teams with the competence and confidence to deliver continuous transformation.


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