Enhanced User Interface and Improved Ease of Use

This is a major release which delivers a fresh, enhanced user interface and various usability and administrative improvements to benefit a wide variety of users.

New Look User Interface

A modernised user interface welcomes all users upon logging in after the update, delivering improved styling and subtle layout and behaviour changes. This offers a cleaner, more minimalist approach and is applied throughout the system.

Dark Mode

Users can individually opt to engage the dark mode styling theme, which has known visual ergonomic benefits including reduced eye strain in low light conditions.

Updated Project Navigator

The main Project Navigator Hierarchy has been greatly improved and now provides visibility and selection of a Project at any level, providing a faster, more fluid navigation experience.

Service and System Notifications

As part of the new interface, all users will be alerted to Service Notifications via a new pop-up when logged into the web application. This facility doubles up as a means for System Administrators to create their own custom system announcements to their user base, or selected groups of users.


  • Make smarter, more confident resourcing decisions by defining a Location Hierarchy that readily integrates into the suite of Resourcing functionality.
  • More easily search for Resources, Roles and Projects that sit within a Team or Location hierarchy.
  • Minimise administration overhead by easily removing a Resource’s future allocations upon deactivation.

Project Management

  • Take full control over what you see on the Kanban style Task Board with a powerful Task tagging feature to further simplify the management and collaboration of agile Projects.
  • Multiple Task Board Column Views are configurable to allow different delivery teams to better visualise and manage progress.
  • Multi-select Project Custom Fields facilitate fast selection, tracking and reporting of multiple pre-defined values within a single field, including Keywords, Number Lists and entities such as Activities, Clients and Resources.
  • A new system field for Project Outcome provides a standardised, consistent approach for recording the conclusion of completed Projects and can be used in conjunction with our Artificial Intelligence services offering to predict outcomes based on historic information.


  • An increased limit of 20 Databoxes per View/Dashboard with label override/suppression.
  • Databoxes can now be added to Custom Dashboards.
  • Prevent accidental deletion of reports with the new Protected flag.
  • The Report run screen has been simplified with an improved, cleaner UI that more closely mirrors the filter operation of the enhanced Report Writer.


  • More easily import data from a template spreadsheet using the new wizard based interface for Administration entities, with background processing and improved error handling and messaging.

Multinational Capabilities

All of the features outlined here are accessible by multi-national companies. 
Thanks to powerful project accounting capabilities, KeyedIn supports ALL
currencies and exchange rates. In addition, the product is available in these languages:

English (US)
English (UK)

Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Mexico)

Portuguese (Portugal)
Portuguese (Brazil)

More New Features

KeyedIn v7.4

  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
  • The ability to view and schedule both chart and data reports in PDF format, with watermarking capabilities. 
  • A wide variety of general usability experience enhancements
  • The completion of our Administration refactor for primary entities

    KeyedIn v7.3

      • Kanban style Task Board
      • Output reporting data to customer defined PowerPoint templates
      • iFrame widget
      • Enhanced report writer
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    KeyedIn v7.2

    • Product Portfolio Management
    • Dynamic Demand Modeling 
    • A new Gantt Chart & Report Writer

    KeyedIn v7.1

    • Portfolio waterlining 
    • Cloning existing portfolios
    • Faster forecasting search options
    • Restyled menu bar

    KeyedIn v7

    • Team-based Agile resourcing
    • Advanced self-service report writer
    • Integration with CAST for product portfolio analysis

    KeyedIn v6.5

    • Combining strategic resourcing with task-level resource assignments
    • Simplified secure access for external users
    • Forecast creation from a task plan

    New Gantt Charts

    • Improved, modern look and feel with a user experience focus
    • Intuitive resource availability within gantt
    • Seamless export to MS Project
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    Custom Reporting API

    • Connect with BI or other tools for custom reporting
    • Project API GET enhancements
    • New Project Create and status update API

    Portfolio Kanban and UI Updates

    • Define notifications to be sent for status movements
    • Web hook notifications for workflow or project changes
    • Project Audit for all changes made to a project by date

    KeyedIn v6.3

    • Gantt performance
    • New review screen
    • Forecast improvements

    KeyedIn v6.2

    • “What if” scenario planning
    • Automated prioritization
    • RESTful API

    KeyedIn v6 Mobile Update

    • Improved collaboration
    • Push notifications
    • Expense claim improvements

    KeyedIn v6.1

    • My Projects resource tab
    • Non-reimbursable expenses
    • Simplified navigation

    KeyedIn v6

    • Reimagined UI
    • Configurable workspaces
    • Visual capacity planning

    KeyedIn v5.8.4

    • Complete Deliverables early
    • Exclude overtime
    • Data view updates