Managed Service Offering

Our Managed Service Offering provides you with a team of experts, who work in partnership with you, to ensure that you are able to truly maximize the benefits of KeyedIn, as it is embedded within your organization.

For many of you, utilizing and managing KeyedIn Enterprise for your organizational needs is a really straightforward process and you have the capacity, capability and technical expertise internally, to maximize the benefits of KeyedIn, independently.

However, if you would prefer the comfort of opting for an extra level of bespoke engagement, consulting and technical assistance during your journey with KeyedIn, we are delighted to offer you the option of a Managed Service Offering.

How does the Managed Service Offering work?

Based upon an agreed number of engagement days per month, our team of experts will manage and deliver a range of agreed activities for you. We can take a flexible approach in order to meet your specific requirements, or should you prefer a packaged offering, our standard packages are outlined below:

Strategic Alliance Package

Designed for: Customers that require ongoing strategic partnership

Service offering examples:

  • Evaluating your existing governance framework and KeyedIn utilization profile; working in partnership with you to define and refine end-to-end business processes based upon best practices
  • Continuous improvement planning and support
  • Advice and guidance regarding optimal reporting methods at all levels
  • Dedicated training sessions for users to drive up adoption and usage

General Administration Package

Designed for: Customers that have regular day-to-day tasks to undertake within KeyedIn, but limited resources and capability to complete independently

Service offering examples:

    • Setting up your new joiners with appropriate access rights
    • Amending login permissions
    • Password resets
    • Basic user configuration adjustments
    • General troubleshooting

Configuration Package

Designed for: Customers that have a need for technical expertise for more involved requirements

Service offering examples:

    • Development of new reports and widgets
    • Optimizing existing reports and widgets
    • Creation and publication of dashboards
    • Maintenance of specific notifications, permissions and custom fields
    • Bespoke reports and measures
    • System-to-system integrations

The Managed Service Offering benefits from the provision of:

- A dedicated request portal for the purpose of logging, prioritizing and progress tracking of all your requirements
- Allocation of a Managed Service Engagement Manager to ensure that the dedicated services we provide to you are of the highest quality

What are the likely drivers for selecting a Managed Service Offering?

You need to hit the ground running and reach your goals as soon as possible

You have resource constraints and this is preventing you from achieving your desired outcomes

You have a requirement to leverage technical experts to ensure successful outcomes are achieved effectively and efficiently

Benefits of a Managed Service Offering

Guaranteed number of allocated days per month from KeyedIn experts to discuss, schedule and deliver repeatable or adhoc activities

Opportunity to re-focus existing personnel on more value add activities whilst ensuring that elements of KeyedIn administration are managed by a dedicated team – providing business continuity in key areas

Allocation of a MSO Engagement Manager from KeyedIn, who will work with you to maximize your success, managing your workflow within KeyedIn to ensure SLAs are being met

Access to a dedicated team of KeyedIn experts that will work with you on custom requirements, at pace

Scalable service and flexible according to your needs