Take a More Strategic Business Outcome Focused Approach to PPM

This is the dawn of a new era for retail and consumer products. As businesses emerge from the pandemic, they need to establish themselves as proactive and adaptive, not just giving customers what they expect through the channels that those consumers seek to leverage, but anticipating how those expectations are going to evolve. Those businesses that can most easily adapt, and execute effectively every time will thrive. To do that you need project portfolio management.

Be More Than Just a Status Quo PMO

Speed Drives Success

With technology continuing to disrupt goods, services, and the channels consumers buy from, retail and consumer goods businesses must ensure the gap between need and solution is as short as possible. Delivering the right solutions in the fastest time, every time, is critical.

Achieving that requires the ability to select the right investments, adapt those investments to changing environments with minimal disruption, and deliver value bringing solutions that drive sales and revenue. Combine your portfolio focused PMO with the right tool to manage planning, funding, portfolio and project level delivery, and you’ll see immediate improvements in time to revenue while delivering goods and services better aligned with customer needs and expectations.

Efficiency Drives the Bottom Line

With razor thin margins and an economy that is increasingly price sensitive, retail and consumer goods companies have to ensure they are as efficient as possible in every aspect of their business. With operations fine tuned across thousands, perhaps millions of transactions, you’ve got that covered, but projects are an area where efficiency can be more elusive.

With KeyedIn Enterprise your PMO can ensure resource optimization is optimized – eliminating over- and under-allocations. Workflows and data capture on projects can be automated, streamlining the process and freeing up your people to deliver value. And with powerful reporting capabilities you gain contextualized insight from portfolio to work package, allowing you to drive better decisions in less time.

Today’s Problems, Tomorrow’s Solutions

The challenges retail and consumer goods companies face today are many and diverse. From ongoing supply chain issues, to low employee engagement, to heightening expectations around social, environmental and sustainability concerns, there is no shortage of things trying to prevent you from succeeding.

You can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions, you need to find tomorrow’s answers. That’s why innovation is so important in this sector. Whether it’s bringing supply-chain elements in house, redefining employee models, or rethinking construction and packaging approaches, you need new ideas to resolve issues and set you apart.

KeyedIn Enterprise connects strategic planning with investments, delivery and benefits realization, ensuring you are always working on the right things, that those investments are delivering what you need, and that every area of the business is engaged. And when things change, we can help you pivot to new priorities with minimal impact.

Plan to Adapt

You can adapt. You can adapt far better than you thought – the pandemic proved that. But now you need to be proactive in that adaptation. The pandemic driven disruption is here to stay and even retail and consumer goods companies must be willing to embrace digital transformation to reimagine their business model. Whether it’s new, digital ways to engage with consumers, new delivery channels, new operational approaches or all of those things, you need to become comfortable driving the continuous evolution of how your business operates.

That only happens when you have an agile business, one that focuses on the ability to implement an adaptive strategy that evolves with your environment. KeyedIn Enterprise gives you the ability to adjust and adapt more quickly, to communicate and execute on adaptive strategies more easily, and to better understand how your world is evolving.

Seamless Integration Powers Performance

Regardless of the goods and services you provide, your business is powered by data. That applies just as much to your strategies as your operations. The best PPM solution on the planet won’t drive your success if it isolates your project data from everything else. KeyedIn gives you powerful integration capabilities to connect every business area and function – finance, resources, technology, support, and so on. One view of everything to drive the best decisions and the best outcomes.

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