Improve your business performance, meet your business transformation goals, and accelerate your personal development as an IT PMO leader by determining which are the most impactful projects to work on and building your project portfolio to drive business innovation. Evaluate the risk/reward of each IT request with demand management that ensures your projects warrant investment from the start. KeyedIn’s IT Portfolio Management solution helps today’s PMOs gain visibility into the portfolio of projects for better decision making and accurate reporting. Achieve strategic alignment by prioritizing projects that meet the strategic goals of the business and maximize resource capacity to meet demand and achieve the optimal portfolio of projects for your business.

Not only does portfolio management enable you to analyze your portfolio and react to changes, you are able to understand the impact of taking on additional projects and model scenarios to make data-driven decisions. Communicate and report on project performance at the portfolio level for increased value contribution and business impact with portfolio management solutions.

Project Demand Management: Capacity Planning Excellence

Project Demand Management: Capacity Planning Excellence

Connect resource capacity to project execution with real-time visibility

Resource demand planning missteps represent the biggest threat to your cost effective, strategically-aligned PMO. A single version of the truth in your KeyedIn PPM solution evokes excellence in project demand planning: Given a user-friendly, intuitive solution, resources use role-based dashboards to manage tasks. These capture all resource utilization, to gain a top-down view. Then, PMO leaders instantly identify demand needs across the portfolio to manage high-value projects through to completion.

What-if Scenario Modeling for Continued Portfolio Optimization

Model the most valuable mix of projects from multiple scenarios

Finding the optimal mix of projects within a portfolio - or across portfolios - means considering all the options using a programmatic, data-driven approach. The enhanced Portfolio Analysis module in KeyedIn Projects enables “what if” scenario planning, which helps PMOs or services organizations select the most valuable project mix by allowing them to create and compare different permutations, or scenarios, for each portfolio they manage without affecting production data. This process allows project leaders or executives to include and exclude projects from a given portfolio to create various scenarios and then assess the impact of those changes in terms of cost, benefit, and alignment.

We Understand Your IT-specific Needs for PPM

Our IT Portfolio Management expertise energizes IT departments worldwide

We have helped thousands of IT project and portfolio managers maximize business objectives through analysis of portfolio issues; automating repetitive tasks; and creating project templates. With KIP you will end redundancy and gain productivity with much-needed, role-based visibility and control. With configurable reports and dashboards, you can always see your most important projects and gain access to information needed to run the business. Our implementation and services specialists allows our clients to get up and running in weeks and realize ROI faster. Learn more about the core components of it portfolio management and how we can help you get more value from your project portfolio.

From Project Requests to Project Approval: Prioritize Only the Best

Lock in value from the very beginning of the project lifecycle

There is always more demand than budget or resources to meet that demand. Prioritize projects based on data to ensure your projects are the best for the business. KeyedIn Projects provides a single platform that allows you to score and approve projects so you are investing in projects that are aligned with the business. With visibility and decisions at the portfolio level, you can understand true capacity and only take on work that can successfully be completed.