Start Fast

  • Create Dynamic Project Plans
  • Bring Traditional Projects To Life With Powerful Gantt Charts
  • Plan And Track Key Deliverables

Grow and Scale

  • Plot and Visualize Timelines With Roadmaps
  • Improve Efficiency And Effectiveness With Project Governance
  • Integrate With 3rd Party Systems Including MSP, DevOps & Jira

Maximize Value

  • Drive Effective Delivery With Efficient Time Recording
  • Plan And Track Agile Projects Directly In KeyedIn

How KeyedIn Can Support You and Your Business with More Robust Project Planning

All successful projects begin with good project planning. Understanding what the goals of your project are and setting out clear requirements depend on strong governance. Designing the project to meet those goals in a way that your business can support is where your experience comes into play. It’s also where our strengths in project planning help you to execute this crucial phase more easily regardless of whether you choose traditional, hybrid or Agile.


Project Plans

Create dynamic plans that update as your projects evolve. We provide you with the ability to always show the latest version of your project plan with the ability to show multiple plan versions to allow for comparison over time and replanning where necessary.

Dynamic Gantt Charts

We all know that Gantt charts can help to bring a project to life for some stakeholders. We provide you with the ability for stakeholders to interact with Gantt charts, visualize just the critical path and making sure that any front-end changes update any dependencies throughout the project.


Plan and track key deliverables with an audit trail of any agreed changes. We help you to take control of project deliverables by automatically identify overdue items, reporting on specific deliverable types and creating dependency networks, signaling the implications of delays to your business.


Plot and visualize the timeline associated with Tasks, Deliverables, Projects, and Programs. We help you to create the links between different entity types (e.g., Program/Project, Product/Project, Project/Task) so that you can visualize child/parent dependencies and relationships.


Make sure that your projects work efficiently and effectively. We provide you with the tools to manage the flow of work through the business and restricting access to approval points so that quality standards are maintained. All involved parties automatically receiving notifications of when tasks are due or been completed.

Integrations with MSP and Jira

It’s rare to find a business that doesn’t already have project management software within its tech stack. It may be necessary to use a specific tool due to commercial or other business reasons. We provide you with the ability to integrate with other tools such as MSP and Jira so that the PMO can provide the executive team with that all important overview of all project delivery.

Time Recording

Measure every single minute spent on a project regardless of whether it is chargeable, productive or within standard hours. We help your business to accurately record what is actually happening and how long work takes in reality. With additional features such as a mobile app and feeds for revenue and billing systems, it’s a feature that will elevate the importance of the PMO within your business.

Agile Projects

Visualize and manage the approval stages of all project types using our Portfolio Kanban. We give you the tools to control Agile development alongside traditional and hybrid methodologies. With KeyedIn, your business can rely upon the PMO to deliver a consistent level of governance across all types of project delivery.

Features Summary

If you suffer from poor visibility and a lack of control over the performance and progress of projects in your organization. KeyedIn can ease this pain by providing a cost effective, easy-to-use project planning tool that is intuitive enough for first time project planners, yet has all the capabilities that seasoned project managers demand. What’s more, with standardized project templates, you can add consistency to the project planning process across the business.

Traditional Projects

  • Predictive planning support to visualize the sequence of detailed tasks
  • Task assignment planning allows immediate assignment or request of resources
  • Multiple plan versions allow comparisons over time and the replanning of different options
  • Track and visualize task and assignment completion statuses to accurately track delivery progress

Agile Projects

  • Visibility and control of Agile projects alongside tradition and hybrid
  • Visualize, manage and track the completion status of all work levels (Epic, Feature, Story, Task, Bug etc) using the interactive Task Board
  • Consolidated governance across all types of change
  • Manage non-IT Agile work solely in KeyedIn

Gantt Charts

  • Quickly create tasks and milestones and any associated dependencies
  • Visualize the Critical Path to ensure critical tasks are delivered on time
  • Use “Drag and Drop” Task rescheduling to easily adjust start, end and duration
  • Specify custom fields to record customer specific task information

Agile Integration

    • Integrate with common Agile tools including Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps
    • Manage approval in KeyedIn and then create associated projects in the Agile Tool
    • Get complete visibility of Agile development alongside tradition and hybrid work

MS Project Integration

    • Import from existing MS Project plans to facilitate migration to KeyedIn
    • Export KeyedIn task plans to MS Project to facilitate tracking by non KeyedIn users
    • Centralize project progress tracking and time capture


    • Track product timelines and version releases
    • Plot and visualize the timeline associated with Tasks, Deliverables, Projects and Programs
    • Specify links between different entity types to visualize “parent/child” dependencies and relationships


  • Plan and track key Deliverables with an audit trail of any agreed changes
  • Highlight overdue Deliverables automatically for action
  • Link dependent Deliverables to create a dependency network and highlight cross project implications
  • Roll-up Deliverables across any level including project, program, product, portfolio and business entity

Project Time Recording

  • Record actual time spent against a project activity, task and/or assignment
  • Record chargeable and non-chargeable time, productive and non-productive time, and standard hours and overtime hours
  • Compare plans to actuals to identify variances and remedial actions
  • Feed Financial systems to drive internal cost allocation

What Makes KeyedIn Different?

If your business has several large or complex projects happening at the same time, having a centralized view is crucial. We understand that different stakeholders have differing needs, that’s why we offer a range of project planning tools to help you effortlessly plan and track Agile, Hybrid and traditional projects in a single consolidated solution.

Built-in Best Practice

  • Out-of-the-box governance, controls, and workflows
  • Ability to provide reports for auditing purposes
  • Define who can sign off each project step
  • Can link out to custom Audit, Security, Architecture and Finance processes

Real-time, Visual Dashboards

  • Up-to-the-minute plan creation and maintenance
  • Visualize, manage, and track task completion using drag-and-drop
  • Plot and visualize the timeline using the in-built ‘point and click’ widget writer
  • Bring business rules to life with conditional formatting changing how entities appear

Single Source of Truth

  • Accurate time reporting to feed cost allocation and/or billing
  • Removes the need for planning tools such as MSP
  • Single tool that supports traditional, hybrid or agile project delivery
  • Can create custom fields to capture non-standard data
  • Integrates with MSP and Jira

Improve Productivity With KeyedIn

"KeyedIn Projects has been a great addition to our project execution process. It helps us work better and become more productive at work. We are able to efficiently plan resource capacity, divide and assign tasks, collaborate effectively and efficiently manage our time. It allows us to also carry stakeholders and clients along as they can also view project progress whenever they like."

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