Simplify Portfolio Creation, Mapping & Funding

    • Strategic Alignment
    • Portfolio Mapping
    • Roadmaps & Interdependencies
    • Funding & Prioritization

Standardize Demand Planning

    • Demand Intake
    • Resource Planning
    • Dynamic Demand Modeling
    • What-If Scenario Modeling

Streamline Portfolio Monitoring

    • Portfolio Governance
    • Portfolio Reporting
    • Benefits Tracking
    • Integration

Make Dynamic Business Decisions to Swiftly Adapt to Change

Perhaps the single biggest challenge – or opportunity, depending on your perspective – facing businesses today is change. The rate of change – technological, economic, even geographic – in nearly every industry has increased. We used to build an annual plan, submit a budget and call it good for the year. Now, with technologies emerging every day; with global mergers and acquisitions growing exponentially; and new regulations upending traditional marketing and sales models, companies are being forced to make sweeping strategic changes on a regular basis. Doing so requires advanced portfolio management capabilities that support dynamic business decisions and allow companies to swiftly adapt to change. To support this level of strategic flexibility, you need an adaptive portfolio management software solution.

Strategic Alignment

With KeyedIn, you can align your portfolio of projects with business objectives and goals, ensuring the enterprise project management office (EPMO) is always pursuing those projects that have the biggest business impact.

Project Intake

Custom forms gather the data you need to evaluate the merits of each project request.

Portfolio Budgeting & Forecasting

Accurately track your operating budget and the expected impact of each portfolio project.

Benefits Management

Go beyond start and end dates by tracking the business value of portfolio investments.

Portfolio Selection & Prioritization

Leverage KeyedIn to optimize your portfolio by evaluating and comparing multiple project combinations and scenarios, and then selecting and sequencing the projects that will deliver the most value to the business through revenue growth, cost reduction and more.

Portfolio Scoring

Evaluate the merits of each project by scoring it against key metrics that you determine.

Predictive Portfolio Analysis

Examine the performance of your project portfolio to accurately predict future returns.

Scenario Modeling

Compare multiple “what-if” scenarios to identify the most valuable combination of projects.

Product Portfolio Management

While a project is accomplished by completing a set of tasks, a product is delivered as customers receive specific, quantifiable and ongoing business value from an initiative. KeyedIn provides an ideal platform to transition your PMO to a project-centric operating model.

Portfolio Kanban

Gather and manage a wide variety of projects and products in one simple, visual Kanban interface.

Product Roadmaps

Track product timelines and version releases in concert with the projects that support them.

Jira Integration

Gain visibility into portfolio products regardless of the methodology or tool used for delivery.

Resource Capacity Planning

Without effective capacity planning, “organizations tend to overestimate the amount of capacity” they have, which extends the timeline of projects (Gartner). KeyedIn provides a simple, comprehensive view of resource capacity vs. demand.

Dynamic Demand Modelling

Simulate and then approve different resource demand scenarios at the portfolio level.

Resource Visibility

Gain visibility into the status of resourcing across all projects, including utilization, conflicts and shortfalls.

Support Strategic Changes

Quickly model and then execute alternative resource plans as strategic priorities shift.

Portfolio Reporting

Using a wide array of custom dashboards and self-service reporting options, KeyedIn allows your PMO to gather real-time insights from across the project portfolio, regardless of the work methodology being used, to help drive decision-making and change within your business.

Executive Dashboards

Translate deliverables and timelines into actionable insights with easy-to-use role-based dashboards.

Cross-Portfolio Insights

Create and analyze ad-hoc portfolios instantly using virtually any portfolio parameter.

Portfolio Snapshot & Trends

Assess and compare the performance of your portfolio over time using scheduled snapshots.

Why Strategic Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Management for Value-Based Decision-Making

Whether your enterprise project management office (EPMO) is a shared service supporting many enterprise initiatives or focused on a single companywide effort like digital transformation, KeyedIn Enterprise can help you model, analyze and prioritize your portfolio of projects to ensure your team delivers optimal value.

React to Rising Organizational Complexity

Delivering on a companywide strategic initiative, such as a digital transformation endeavor, requires the efforts of a wide range of skilled resources across the organization, most of which are not under the direct supervision of the enterprise project/portfolio management office (EPMO). To navigate that organizational complexity, your portfolio management software has to ensure that execution-level projects are aligned with strategic goals, and that the capacity of available resources and unique skillsets are understood and considered as timelines are established. KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios provides that level of insight, no matter how complex a company's organizational structure might be.

Quickly Analyze Risk, Cost and Value

Most ePMOs field far more project requests than the organization has time or resources to address, which makes portfolio analysis essential. With KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios, every project request can be quickly analyzed to determine its cost, potential risks and likely value to the organization. This project scorecard can then be compared against other project requests to prioritize not only the most valuable initiatives, but also those that the company can realistically accomplish given finite time, resources and skillsets.

Review Stakeholder Expectations

Simply completing projects on time and on budget are no longer the only metrics an EPMO needs to track to measure success. According to research conducted by KeyedIn, the most common reason enterprise projects are deemed a failure is a lack of stakeholder satisfaction. By creating portfolio forecasts, establishing and tracking key milestones, and assessing progress against benefits that go beyond project timelines, KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios creates an accurate and efficient process for understanding, reviewing and ultimately exceeding the expectations of executives and other stakeholders.

Perform Rapid and Dynamic Portfolio Reviews

For an ePMO, the annual plan is a thing of the past. With market, competitive and strategic changes assailing companies on an almost daily basis, the project portfolio needs to be evaluated regularly. KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios enables a rapid and dynamic review of portfolio priorities - taking into account strategic alignment, overall value and many other factors - as company objectives change. Because the data in KeyedIn is refreshed in real time, these assessments can be conducted as often as necessary, whether that timeline is quarterly, monthly, or even more frequently for the most unpredictable of industries.

Realign Resources Fast

When company priorities change, the ability to realign resources quickly is essential to an EPMO's success. A shift in strategy is meaningless if resources aren’t properly allocated to ensure that strategy is realized. KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios allows you to close the gap between executive mandate and execution by first assessing resource capacity based on provisional, confirmed and forecasted demand, and then quickly shifting resource requests to ensure the right resources get assigned to the most valuable cross-functional projects.

Enable Timely and Accurate Decision Making

The best decisions require the best data. The timelier and more accurate an ePMO’s information is, the better equipped the team will be to make decisions that support corporate objectives. With customizable dashboards; a powerful, easy-to-use self-service reporting engine; and innovative Project Insights for creating ad-hoc portfolios in real time, KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios delivers rich analytics that you can use to not only understand the real-time status and progress of portfolio projects, but also to enable timely and accurate decision making that supports business goals and strategic KPIs.

Reprioritize Investments in Alignment with Shifting Objectives

With portfolio decisions based on objective data rather than emotional reactions or political wrangling, KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios helps you ensure the organization’s limited resources and budget are being used to advance strategic goals, rather than being splintered across a myriad of disconnected efforts. Plus, when strategies change, KeyedIn enables the ePMO to quickly reprioritize company investments and resources to maintain alignment with the organization's shifting objectives.

Combine Outcome and Agility-Based Governance

The ePMO faces a delicate balance in trying to enable organizational agility, while still maintaining enough control to ensure a quality project is delivered in accordance with company policies and past lessons learned. KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios strikes that balance by bringing together all of the projects and workflows used throughout your organization into a single system, enabling comprehensive visibility and allowing delivery teams to use the tools and methodologies that suit them best. That means the ePMO can stay focused on the big picture - milestones, deliverables, outcomes, etc. - while employing flexible, agility-based governance in its relationship with other teams.

Create Greater Organizational Agility

Much of the last decade in business has highlighted a simple truth: The most successful companies are those that can move the fastest. KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios supports that notion by creating greater organizational agility through real-time insights, comprehensive portfolio analysis, intelligent resource capacity planning, and much more. Whether your ePMO is a shared service supporting a wide range of multi-million-dollar enterprise initiatives or focused on a single companywide effort like digital transformation, KeyedIn Adaptive Portfolios can help you model, analyze and prioritize your portfolio of projects to ensure your team can place the right bets, turn quickly and deliver faster.

Strong implementation support and best balance of features among many candidates evaluated

"Very strong support throughout the implementation. Selected from a pool of about 20 candidates for the best combination of offerings. Very strong resource planning and capacity management capability."

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