Start Fast

  • Standardize Your Project Intake Process
  • Bring Clarity to Project Requests
  • Select the Highest Value Work with Portfolio Scoring
  • Ensure Maximum Benefit Delivery with Project Prioritization

Grow and Scale

  • Centrally Process Approval Requests with the Portfolio Kanban
  • Achieve Strategic Alignment with Portfolio Analysis and Scenario Modelling
  • Define any Portfolio Grouping with Cross-Portfolio Insights

Maximize Value

  • Quickly Realign Projects with Project Move
  • Model Your Business with Project & Product Hierarchies
  • Visualize Trends with Portfolio Snapshots
  • Analyze Patterns with Artificial Intelligence

How Project Prioritization Tools Can Support You And Your Business

If your PMO needs to understand how different projects come together to achieve strategic objectives, you need portfolio management. On a day-to-day basis, helping you to understand where resource is needed and identifying bottlenecks, whilst supporting a more considered project intake process and the ability to prioritize within the portfolio. It’s the perfect blend of human, automation, and artificial intelligence. When it comes to the PMO, the whole, truly is greater than the sum of the parts.


Project Intake

Avoid diluting project impact and placing strain on internal resources by ensuring that all projects start with a strong foundation. We provide you with the ability to formalize the project intake process, standardize documentation, and support project prioritization.

Project Requests

Unleash the business insights trapped within your business by democratizing the project request process. We provide you with the tools that you need to systematically assess and prioritize those requests, helping you to identify those with genuine business benefit, and automatically dealing with those that failed to meet your set criteria.

Portfolio Scoring

Make sure that you align resources with those projects that will have the greatest impact. We provide you with the tools to prioritize (and re-prioritize) projects by adopting a robust methodology of project scoring based on an agreed set of criteria that allows you to course correct where needed.

Project Prioritization

Introduce objectivity into project selection, portfolio decision making and legitimately test the gap between expectations and the reality of benefits. By providing you with the ability to rank every project against agreed criteria, along with forecasted costs and benefit profiles, you can lead your business to prioritize simply, and without bias.

Portfolio Kanban

Speed up identification of bottlenecks, status change requests and process workflows through the adoption of a portfolio-level Kanban board. We provide you with the ability to create a centralized graphical view of your portfolio, allowing the team to focus on areas of concerns whilst adopting automation and workflows to ensure that key decision points are identified and actioned.

Portfolio Analysis

Undertake objective analysis of your projects to maximize delivery and focus on strategic objectives. We provide you with the tools to set the cost/benefit constraint boundaries which you will use to judge project outcomes. This exercise not only allows you to prioritize but helps you understand what is achievable within your resource constraints.

Scenario Modelling

Guide your business to better decision making through the identification of which projects will best contribute towards strategic objectives. Through the adoption of ‘what-if’ modelling, we help you to ensure that budget and resource are maximized, while supporting the assessment of any cross-project dependencies (and their implications) of the proposed portfolio.

Cross-Portfolio Insights

Take a different view of your projects by viewing them outside of the established project hierarchies. We provide you with the tools to view your portfolio using several different filters such as ‘high priority projects’, to uncover unforeseen issues and unlock opportunities.

Dynamic Demand Modelling

If you work within a dynamic business, where priorities change on a regular basis, or perhaps it is still evolving and defining priorities, it is tricky for the PMO to deliver traditional Portfolio Analysis. In this scenario, we can help you to use dynamic demand modelling to re-align the Portfolio based on the available capacity during that week or month.

Project Move

Take control within portfolio planning cycles by re-aligning future project demands, resources, and deliverables. We enable you move un-started projects in and out of the delivery schedule to assess impact without the need for time-consuming reforecasting, re-scheduling resources and re-supplying deliverables.

Project (and Product) Hierarchies

Empower your stakeholders to manage and lead with fact-based project summaries without the need to get into distracting detail. We provide you with the ability to automatically generate role-appropriate summaries based on project, or product relationships.

Portfolio Snapshots

Use your hard-won time to best effect by identifying data trends, patterns of behavior or projects which need course correction. We empower you to take control of your portfolio and steer your stakeholders by helping you to take regular ‘point-in-time’ snapshots of key project, forecast and deliverable information including custom fields. Plus, we offer customized Artificial Intelligence routines to spot patterns and predict ultimate project success.

Artificial Intelligence

If you’re looking for additional ways to improve successful project delivery, then we have just the thing. We offer a custom service that uses machine-based learning to review your historical data to help identify the patterns of unsuccessful projects and then use these as markers to help spot projects that are likely to fail so that remedial action can be taken.

Features Summary

KeyedIn offers a comprehensive range of project intake, project prioritization and scenario modelling tools to meet the needs of the modern PMO, EPMO and Digital Transformation Office.

Project Intake

  • Formalize project intake
  • Capture all provisional demand
  • Standardize and structure prioritzation decisions
  • Provide rigorous financial & capacity analysis

Project Requests

  • Bring clarity to the project request process
  • Remove non-value added projects
  • Automate the project approval process
  • Get full visibility of the projectrequest pipeline
  • Promote mass idea generation

Portfolio Scoring

  • Align financial & people resource with the highest value work & corporate KPIs
  • Achieve consistent project prioritization
  • Reprioritize for improved business impact
  • Continuously enable course corrections

Project Prioritization

  • Rank every project against key criteria
  • Establish a single method of value assessment
  • Create forecasted cost & benefit profiles
  • Ensure maximum benefit delivery

Portfolio Analysis

  • Identify & select the best fit projects
  • Achieve a strategically aligned portfolio
  • Complete unbiased analysis of all projects
  • Define cost & benefit constraints for waterlining

Portfolio Kanban

  • Easily manage work in progress
  • Clearly identify bottlenecks
  • Quickly approve status change requests
  • Centraly process approval requests & project updates

Project Move

  • Quickly re-align future project demand, supply & deliverables
  • Support regular portfolio planning
  • Bring agreed projects forward
  • Easily move out backlog projects

Scenario Modeling

  • Easily select the best set of projects
  • Model the best mix of existing & new projects
  • Provide the flexibility & agility to respond to changing strategy
  • Prepare alternative portfolio's to facilitate executive level decision making

Project Hierarchies

  • Provide automatic consolidation and visualization of detailed project information
  • Roll-up key data including forecasts, risks, issues & status reports
  • Allow managers to manage and leaders to lead based on fact-based summaries

Product Hierarchies

  • Model different product lines
  • Apportion project costs across products
  • Summarize key data by product
  • Product-based alternative to project hierachies

Portfolio Snapshots

  • Take regular "point in time" snapshots of portfolio data
  • Visualize trends to drive better decisions & early intervention
  • Analyze data patterns to improve delivery
  • Highlight project exhibiting behaviours that may lead to failure

Cross Portfolio Insights

    • Define any portfolio grouping
    • Visualize, work or report on user-defined portfolios of projects
    • Drill down-using user defined filters such as all high priority projects or any red projects

Dynamic Demand Modeling

  • Perform rapid, real-time re-alignment of the portfolio based on available capacity
  • Ideal for PMO's who have rapidly changing priorities or can't commit to more rigorous portfolio analysis
  • Support agile and adaptive cultures

Artificial Intelligence

    • Identify the traits of unsuccessful projects in order to spot them early
    • Identify portfolio & data patterns that promote successful project delivery
    • Apply learnings to future portfolio decisions
    • Customizable service

What Makes KeyedIn Different?

Improve your business performance, meet your business transformation goals, and accelerate your personal development as a PMO leader by determining which are the most impactful projects to work on and build your portfolio to drive business innovation. Evaluate the risk/reward of each project request with demand management that ensures your projects warrant investment from the start. KeyedIn’s project prioritization tools help today’s PMOs gain visibility into the portfolio of projects for better decision making and accurate reporting. Achieve strategic alignment by prioritizing projects that meet the strategic goals of the business and maximize resource capacity to meet demand and achieve the optimal portfolio of projects for your business.

Not only does KeyedIn enable you to analyze your portfolio and react to changes, you are able to understand the impact of taking on additional projects and model scenarios to make data-driven decisions. Communicate and report on project performance at the portfolio level for increased value contribution and business impact.

Be a Strategic Business Partner

  • Clear cost/benefit analysis aligned with strategic objectives
  • Removes bias from decision making
  • Supports standardization of process and documentation
  • Uses automation and artificial intelligence to maximize efficiency

Focus on Value

  • Centralizes the visibility and control of strategic planning
  • Focus on the value of the portfolio and the efficiency/economic gains the business can expect
  • Helps transition the PMO from an operational cost center to a strategic business unit

Improve Stakeholder Engagement

  • Introduces objectivity into decision making
  • Acts as a catalyst for value-driven ideation
  • Helps the wider workforce to adopt, and understand, and engage with strategic objectives

All The Answers You Are Looking For

With over two decades of experience in delvering effective project prioritization systems we have a wealth of experience in how to help PMO's extract the most value from project prioritization and scenario modeling. Use this FAQ to explore some of the most common questions.

How does KeyedIn's project prioritization tool differ from others?

Whilst many PPM solutions help organizations to do projects in the right way, KeyedIn also helps those organizations to ensure that they are doing the right projects. KeyedIn’s Portfolio Analysis capability enables ranking, scoring and prioritization of new initiatives and projects, in a what-if, scenario driven environment. Leveraging templates, organizations can quickly spin-up new candidate projects, based on their best-practices and lessons learned. These can be added into what-if portfolio views where both the new pipeline initiatives and the committed portfolio of work can be ranked and prioritized against configurable measures, metrics, and attributes. Weighted scoring models may be employed, and strategic alignment analyzed, with the impact on resource capacity, funding and benefits being visualized with powerful analytics dashboards and reports. Multiple scenarios being modelled and compared to ensure that the organization’s time, money, and resources are focused on the optimum portfolio mix.

How does project intake software streamline project approval?

At KeyedIn we are often asked to solve project intake a couple of ways. The first way is to have a Project Type of Idea which the user creates and fills in the detail on what the idea is and what the broad costs and benefits are expected to be. The PMO then validates the details and passes that on to the Stakeholder for Approval. Once approved the Project Type is updated but the history of the idea and approval reamins as part of the overal project record. The other way is to accept Projects from external sources such as SalesForce that send through the details at a certain stage in the project lifecycle for approval. In this example, the created project can be used for estimation and to pass back updates to the opportunity in SalesForce. When the Opportunity is completed the Project can be set to live to carry forward.

Does KeyedIn's project request software support different levels of PPM/PMO maturity?

KeyedIn's approach to prioritization means that we can very easily support our customers at any level of maturity and actually enhance their journey up through the levels of maturity. Where maturity levels are low or PPM concepts are new to the organization, it may be appropriate to use very simple ranking and scoring or even simple "tagging" to indicate a project's priority in order to facilitate open discussions and collaborative decision making. At higher levels of maturity, an organisation may introduce a more structured approach with questions and priority calculations etc.

Can project requests be created outside of KeyedIn?

Yes. KeyedIn Enterprise can integrate with almost any system. For example, we've had clients create ideas forms in Sharepoint which, when submitted, generates an idea in KeyedIn for PMO approval via an integration.

What industry shifts or market trends are driving the importance of project prioritization tools?

Focus on the value of the portfolio and the efficiency/economic gains the business can expect from the overall strategy and the contribution of each project or program. No longer acceptable to view each project as a single item but must show how it fits into the overall strategy and contribute to the whole. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Why are PMO's adopting project prioritization systems?

The PMO needs to move from an operational cost center to a strategic business unit. Once work itself is under proper system management, there lies business data real-time that is critical to different Stakeholders. It needs to be queried and surfaced for the business in diferent ways to enable an agile and nimble business, during times of rapid change and increased competition in their markets.

How does portfolio management help PMOs cope with uncertainty and change?

During periods of rapid change and uncertainty there is a greater emphasis on PMO Leaders to justify their spend. We found that project prioritization software was a great tool to help them defend their decisions to not carry on with some current projects. Having objective, data driven decision making criteria backed up by powerful analytical dashboards give PMO's a real advantage in uncertain times.

Who is typically responsible for creating new projects in KeyedIn?

Perhaps the most common approach is for a central function, typically the PMO office, to be responsible for the creation of new projects, on behalf of the project owners/managers. This approach has the advantage of centrally governing which projects are created, enabling early stage validation and avoiding the creation of duplicate projects. An alternative approach is to allow the project teams themselves to create new projects. This is useful where a central PMO function is not available to manage project intake. Disadvantages of this approach include a potential free-for-all around the creation of new project initiatives. There is no right or wrong way and KeyedIn Enterprise has the flexibility to support either approach or even a combination of both. Ultimately, it’s a process decision for the organization and one that KeyedIn are also happy to provide best-practice guidance and advice on.

How does KeyedIn support the project ideation process?

From an end user perspective, its all about process and who is generating the ideas. Generally there has to be a 'sanity check' process even before the idea has been formed and a funnel process as part of that ideation. Having KeyedIn supporting this process, allows for consistency at the very outset. Despite the variety of topics a new idea may cover, you can still apply a small number of parameters, relevant to the organization, to be able to measure against. This give the decision holders comfort and confidence when discussing and making progression or prioritization calls.

What are the consequences of not adopting scenario modelling software?

The consequences are significant. The inability to measure and compare work efforts related to costing, business priorities, and strategic initiatives lends organizations to bank on the wrong efforts unknowingly. Inefficiencies remain, with their costs to the business unmeasured. People are deployed where they are perhaps less effective. All the above lend to a lack of productivity.

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