Take a More Strategic Business Outcome Focused Approach to PPM

The telecoms sector is facing considerable uncertainty. The historic value proposition of providing network services has been under pressure for many years now, and long-term success depends on companies’ abilities to redefine themselves for both their customers and their internal operations.

Be More Than Just a Status Quo PMO

Reinvention Around the Customer

While the telecom industry may be close to technology, particularly on the consumer side, companies in the space have not historically been as customer centric as today’s digital consumers expect. That’s now changing and companies are reinventing themselves as customer-centric, responsive organizations that drive value by enabling customer value. That’s a significant shift, and it requires a portfolio of diverse initiatives to support the diverse customer types that telecommunications companies support.

Managing all of those initiatives, validating that they are having the intended results with customers of all segments, and still delivering on all other strategic priorities is not easy. Companies need an integrated PPM solution that can manage and plan the entire portfolio while allowing stakeholders to analyze individual initiatives in context and adjust as needed without creating unintended consequences. The right PPM solution provides insight into dependencies, opportunities and challenges, helping ensure that outcomes are always optimized.

Redefining Operating Models

Disruption in the telecommunications industry in recent years has been significant, causing organizations to rethink long-established business models. The need to make significant investments in latest generation infrastructures has resulted in an increase in network sharing; rationalization and government restrictions has changed the landscape for equipment providers; and shifting customer expectations has expanded the market for value-focused service providers.

This disruption requires telecommunications companies to reinvent themselves as agile, forward-looking businesses, not the traditional, hierarchical structures that they have historically been. But for leaders to enable that environment, there needs to be confident that there is access to the right information to make the right decisions on every initiative, every time. That’s where a powerful, integrated PPM solution comes in.

Safeguarding the Front Line

As communications technology becomes ever more critical to the way the world interacts, so the threats around that technology increase. Cybersecurity and the associated risk management challenges are a critical consideration for telecommunications companies, with the implications of making mistakes likely to be severe both practically, and reputationally. Companies must select and deliver the right investments, and ensure that appropriate business outcomes are achieved in the cybersecurity arena. And they must continuously evolve those solutions to keep pace with emerging threats.

That’s not easy to do in isolation, but when you have to do it alongside everything else that telecoms businesses must deliver to remain effective, efficient, and profitable, it can be almost impossible. Leaders must have visibility into cybersecurity and risk management initiatives, satisfying themselves that the right things are being done in the right way and that the right outcomes are being achieved. That’s simply not possible without the insights provided by an integrated PPM solution.

Sustainable Differentiation

Creating separation from competitors in the telecommunications space is difficult, maintaining that separation across multiple business cycles, even more so. Companies, especially in the consumer space, must find innovative ways to connect with customers and maintain loyalty beyond the length of a single contract. Achieving that requires an ability to invest in innovation, but also to commercialize that innovation.

KeyedIn Enterprise can help strategic and investment planning, ensuring that the limited available investment dollars go as far as possible. This provides leaders with the ability to fund innovation alongside core strategic initiatives, and then monitor the performance of those R&D focused initiatives so that the most promising can become strategic priorities themselves, driving critical customer and business value.

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