Training Courses Designed For You

Our training courses equip you with extra knowledge and an appreciation of the full range of functionality within KeyedIn.

Each session is hosted by an experienced KeyedIn Product expert and is typically half a day in duration. Each training course is affordably priced at just £350/ €400/ $500 depending on your region and class sizes are kept small to maximize value.

Participants are provided with access to a shared SaaS Training Environment to complete the course exercises and to use for subsequent exploration and learning for an extended period.

Supporting course user guides and exercises are also provided.

Available Training Courses

Please find our current available training courses listed below. Please complete the form above telling us which course you are interested in. We will then reach out to you with available dates and course costs. 

Product Overview and Foundations

This course is designed to provide an overview of KeyedIn Enterprise for new users. The knowledge and experience gained provides the basis for immediate system use and provides the foundation for other Administration and Configuration courses.

Course Highlights:

  • User foundations including navigation
  • Using Time/Expense/Billing
  • Using Project Management
  • Using Portfolio Management
  • Using Resourcing

Day to Day Administration

This course equips system administrators with an appreciation of the whole KeyedIn Enterprise Solution as well as the skills and knowledge needed to effectively perform day to day administration on their existing system.

Course Highlights:

  • User foundations including navigation
  • Managing search filters, dashboards & reports
  • Managing Time, Expense, Billing, Project Management, Portfolio Management and Resourcing
  • Resource setup and maintenance
  • User and permissions setup and maintenance
  • Project setup and maintenance
  • Security Model essentials including function, visibility and data access

Report Writer

This course equips system administrators with an appreciation of the full range of on-screen and reporting features in order to configure, maintain and enhance dashboards, views, widgets and reports. 

Course Highlights:

  • Overview of widgets and reports, including different ways to run them
  • Dashboard types, configuration and publishing
  • Chart widgets, including drill down
  • Introduction to the Timeline widget
  • Data widgets including drill through and conditional formatting
  • Chart and Data Reports, including advanced filtering and PDF watermarking
  • Powerpoint template reporting
  • Scheduling reports
  • Maintenance including legacy report/widget upgrading