Take a More Strategic Business Outcome Focused Approach to PPM

Even without COVID-19, the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences industries have been subjected to significant disruption. Rapidly accelerating pharmacy costs, digitization of health records, and the increasing importance of clinical analytics are all transforming how companies need to operate, and what they need to achieve in order to deliver sustainable success.

Be More Than Just a Status Quo PMO

Personalized Care – at Scale

Healthcare patients increasingly expect to receive personalized care tailored to their individual circumstances, and that is becoming increasingly realistic through the growth of disciplines like clinical analytics. But healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences providers need to be able to deliver that personalized care at scale – they cannot compromise business viability because of tailored care offerings.

Achieving that requires leading edge, innovative technology-based solutions that leverage the ability to capture and analyze data, automate decision making and provide tailored offerings based on multiple factors. Those solutions aren’t quick, easy or cheap to develop and companies in these industries need to be able to deliver them with optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

That’s where the right PPM solution comes in. You need the ability to plan, fund and manage the delivery of these innovative solutions and then validate that they are not only delivering the right care solutions, but that they are doing so in a way that delivers value to your business. Visibility into performance at every stage of planning, development and benefits realization is essential, as is effective reporting that drives better decision making when adjustments are needed. The right PPM solution will drive improved profitability.

Optimized Efficiency

The nature of healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies is that many projects will span multiple business periods and numerous phases. That has the potential to make it much harder to manage costs, ensure progress remains on track, and maintain alignment between the work being done and the benefits that the initiatives are ultimately expected to deliver.

With effective PPM, such as that from KeyedIn, you have the ability to track and manage budget and resource performance, to ensure progress remains on track, and to adjust and adapt to evolving environments and needs. Additionally, the ability to model and analyze different scenarios helps ensure that companies are always able to make the best decisions, leveraging the work already done and positioning initiatives for optimal future performance.

Break Down Siloes

With diverse businesses that combine critical R&D with lengthy development and trial cycles and fast-moving technology solutions, healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies can easily end up managing a number of disconnected siloes. That doesn’t support optimized performance, and doesn’t allow you to consistently deliver excellence.

With the right PPM solution managing all strategic priorities across all business areas you have an integrated top-down perspective of all work, allowing funding, governance and management across all strategic priorities and eliminating the damaging siloes that are the enemy of optimization. With data integrated into a single solution leaders have accurate, timely and complete insight into everything, driving the best possible decisions, every time.

Manage Stakeholder Relationships

Many healthcare pharmaceutical and life sciences projects involve a number of external stakeholders and regulatory bodies. That can make it harder to control schedules and budgets, potentially impacting the ultimate success of projects.

With KeyedIn Enterprise you can manage all of those stakeholder relationships, integrating and automating data and workflows and ensuring that stakeholder relationships are as effective and efficient as possible. Model the impact of any changes, make the best decisions for the organization, and implement the adjustments with the confidence that you are making the right moves based on the best data.

Modernize Securely

As healthcare has become increasingly digital, more and more confidential information is being stored electronically and leveraged across multiple applications and services to provide an optimal patient experience. Companies in that space have to be able to not only store that information in a secure manner, they need to be able to demonstrate to consumers and regulators that they have taken every step to protect that data from loss or damage.

That requires investment in initiatives that are very different from the core areas of expertise for healthcare, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies and there is a requirement for complete transparency and regulatory oversight at all times. KeyedIn Enterprise provides that insight in the form of accurate and complete reporting, secure audit trails of all activity and the ability to demonstrate the quality of data storage and management.

Easy and Fast Implementation with easy education for the end users

"Quick, efficient! From the top of the application implementation it was easy to educate the end users. The application is easy to navigate and has excelled reports to keep everyone on track. Overall I would recommend this application to others."

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