At KeyedIn, our philosophy is simple: we believe people are happier and more productive when they are doing the work they love. We provide solutions that simplify business processes and allow for greater output through efficiency and productivity improvements.

Our innovative SaaS solutions provide project portfolio management solutions and professional services automation solutions that automate the workflow of project management and service delivery teams, giving them new levels of efficiency, productivity, and visibility. Today’s project management landscape is complex – with various project management methodologies, distributed teams and workforces, and misaligned objectives – and teams are tasked to do more with less to deliver greater outputs while keeping pace with ever-increasing competition.

The Right Solutions at the Right Time

Benefit From Deep Industry Experience

Based on deep knowledge of the enterprise software market, KeyedIn had early insight into the value of vertically-focused systems that could affordably scale to serve the needs of the under-served small-to-medium size business market as well as large multi-national organizations. Both industry analysts and clients have since validated this strategy as more and more organizations are looking to mature their project management processes and scale using enterprise cloud systems.

Growth Through Strategic Acquisitions & Rapid Custom Development

Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies

Following early acquisitions of portfolio and resource rich Datacom International and UK-based Atlantic Global, KeyedIn embarked on a worldwide expansion effort. Starting by localizing the company’s software applications to support multiple languages and currencies, KeyedIn then grew the team and locations to support customers across the globe. The expansion included opening a research and development facility in Ireland where technology from the company’s third acquisition set to further transform the business. In September 2012, KeyedIn acquired Outline Software, Ltd. and ICEBERG developing KeyedIn Manufacturing to support custom manufacturing machine shops.

Powerful, Focused Business Solutions

Solutions for Specialized Vertical Markets

Today, KeyedIn specializes in delivering powerful results in critical areas like project management and custom manufacturing to specialized vertical markets. Solutions include project portfolio management (PPM), professional services automation (PSA) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems that are offered in several editions to support the needs of both small-to-medium size businesses and large multi-national corporations. And the company’s SaaS-based model makes solutions affordable and easy to implement, delivering a measurable return on investment quickly.

We Take Customer Service Seriously

Forming Partnerships With Our Clients

At KeyedIn, we take customer service seriously. Our goal is to form a partnership with our customers and embark on their journey with them at the right place, at the right time, for the right reasons. Our customers are encouraged to work with their services and customer success representative to provide feedback and our product is the result of direct customer feedback. In today’s economy, organizations are looking for enterprise solutions that will help them work smarter and provide anytime, anywhere access without consuming IT resources or adding weight to the capital expense budget. That’s our goal: simplify work and improve efficiency so everyone gets to do more of what they love to do.


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