Start Fast

  • Get Single View of All Work
  • Understand Your Resource Capacity
  • Provide Stakeholders with a Consolidated View of Work Status
  • Easily Capture Actual Progress, Cost and Deliverables Status

Grow & Scale

  • Roll Out Best Practices Across the Business
  • Create a Single Source of the Truth
  • Implement a Standardized Approach to Forecasting
  • Manage Portfolio Prioritization at all Levels

Maximize Value

  • Quickly Identify and Stop Unsuccessful Projects
  • Reprioritize Rapidly Changing Strategic Goals
  • Utilize Resources to their Optimum Level
  • Reduce Time & Cost to Market for New Projects & Products

Easy, Powerful, Complete

A supremely flexible product for managing products, programs and entire portfolios from a single platform that provides an unrivalled view of the status of every project and every resource.

Executive Visibility

If your PMO has several large or complex projects happening at the same time, having a centralized view is crucial. We understand that different stakeholders have differing needs, that’s why we offer a range of reports and dashboards to support you to efficiency communicate simply and more easily within your organization.

Executive Dashboards

  • Easily create custom configured views
  • Provide immediate status updates
  • Facilitate executive action & decision making
  • View via the app or mobile device

Configurable Dashboards

  • Configure views specific to the users role
  • Personalize information to drive action
  • Support common roles - for example Team Member, Project Manager, Portfolio Manager, Program Manager and Resource Manager

Project Status Reporting

  • Standard PDF or customized reporting
  • Fast production
  • Consistent content & appearance
  • Detail & summary versions

PowerPoint Reporting

  • Configurable to customer needs
  • Standardized format for PM's
  • Supports summary Program & Portfolio level packs

Out-the-Box Reporting

  • Standard set of reports and widgets
  • Catalog of additional reports available
  • A good starting point for all common roles
  • Adapt to your individual needs

Custom Report Writing

  • Customize existing reports
  • Build new reports from scratch
  • Report wirting service available to support complex and bespoke requirements

Email/Scheduled Reports

  • Automate regular reporting tasks
  • Supports Excel and PDF formats
  • Configure using the in-built report writer
  • Supports automatic production & email

Reporting Integration

  • Includes standard API
  • Easily integrate with other BI tools such as PowerBI and Domo
  • Consolidate data from other tools

Iframe Integration

  • Embed Widgets from 3rd party Iframe enabled products
  • Display data not available in KeyedIn
  • Make KeyedIn the one-stop-shop for all portfolio data
KAP - Adaptive Portfolio

Portfolio Management

If your PMO needs to understand how different projects come together to achieve strategic objectives, you need portfolio management. On a day-to-day basis, helping you to understand where resource is needed and identifying bottlenecks, whilst supporting a more considered project intake process and the ability to prioritize your portfolio.

Project Intake

  • Formalize project intake
  • Capture all provisional demand
  • Standardize and structure prioritzation decisions
  • Provide rigorous financial & capacity analysis

Project Requests

  • Bring clarity to the project request process
  • Remove non-value added projects
  • Automate the project approval process
  • Get full visibility of the project request pipeline
  • Promote mass idea generation

Portfolio Scoring

  • Align financial & people resource with the highest value work & corporate KPIs
  • Achieve consistent project prioritization
  • Reprioritize for improved business impact
  • Continuously enable course corrections

Project Prioritization

  • Rank every project against key criteria
  • Establish a single method of value assessment
  • Create forecasted cost & benefit profiles
  • Ensure maximum benefit delivery

Portfolio Analysis

  • Identify & select the best fit projects
  • Achieve a strategically aligned portfolio
  • Complete unbiased analysis of all projects
  • Define cost & benefit constraints for waterlining

Portfolio Kanban

  • Easily manage work in progress
  • Clearly identify bottlenecks
  • Quickly approve status change requests
  • Centraly process approval requests & project updates

Project Move

  • Quickly re-align future project demand, supply & deliverables
  • Support regular portfolio planning
  • Bring agreed projects forward
  • Easily move out backlog projects

Scenario Modeling

  • Easily select the best set of projects
  • Model the best mix of existing & new projects
  • Provide the flexibility & agility to respond to changing strategy
  • Prepare alternative portfolio's to facilitate executive level decision making

Project Hierarchies

  • Provide automatic consolidation and visualization of detailed project information
  • Roll-up key data including forecasts, risks, issues & status reports
  • Allow managers to manage and leaders to lead based on fact-based summaries

Product Hierarchies

  • Model different product lines
  • Apportion project costs across products
  • Summarize key data by product
  • Product-based alternative to project hierachies

Portfolio Snapshots

  • Take regular "point in time" snapshots of portfolio data
  • Visualize trends to drive better decisions & early intervention
  • Analyze data patterns to improve delivery
  • Highlight projects exhibiting behaviours that may lead to failure

Cross Portfolio Insights

    • Define any portfolio grouping
    • Visualize, work or report on user-defined portfolios of projects
    • Drill down-using user defined filters such as all high priority projects or any red projects

Dynamic Demand Modeling

  • Perform rapid, real-time re-alignment of the portfolio based on available capacity
  • Ideal for PMO's who have rapidly changing priorities or can't commit to more rigorous portfolio analysis
  • Support agile and adaptive cultures

Artificial Intelligence

    • Identify the traits of unsuccessful projects in order to spot them early
    • Identify portfolio & data patterns that promote successful project delivery
    • Apply learnings to future portfolio decisions
    • Customizable service


No one expects you to be able to predict the future. What the PMO does need, is that you understand what could happen and how this could impact project delivery. Mastering project demand and taking control of financial tracking will help you to do just that. Banish organized chaos from your business for good!.

Demand Forecasting

  • Forecast by Team, Role and Named Resource
  • Multi-level, “top-down” and “bottom up” forecasting
  • Forecast by Capex/Opex, work phase, location, cost center or another custom identifier
  • Visualize Actual effort and spend against Forecasts during execution

Agile Team Resourcing

    • Forecast by Team as part of an Agile/Hybrid delivery approach
    • Allocate by full team availability or a percentage of team availability
    • Request and allocate an entire team in one operation
    • Automatically allocate resources during forecast creation

Task Based Forecasting

  • Create strategic forecasts from detailed task plans
  • Forecast by Team, Role, Named Resource based on an existing Task Plan
  • Identify demand “hot-spots” across specific teams, roles and resources
  • Promote forecasting consistency and best practices through shared templates

Project Expenditure

  • Forecast by Cost Type for non-staff expenditure
  • Visualize Actual cost against Forecasts during execution
  • Permission based Approval and Baselining to enable controlled publishing and reporting
  • Allow top-down budget planning in advance of detailed project planning

Benefits Management

  • Forecast by Benefit Type aligned to the Organizations KPIs
  • Visualize benefits forecast trends over the delivery lifecycle
  • Track Actuals after delivery against Projects, Programs or Products
  • Complete clarity on forecasted benefits aligned to company strategy


  • Multi-level, “top-down” and “bottom up” budgeting at different planning and funding release stages
  • Complete clarity on budgeted Resource, Costs, Revenue
  • Visualize Actual effort and spend against Budget during execution
  • Control project workflows by referencing budget levels and approval

Capacity Planning

  • Visualize Capacity alongside forecasted Demand, Allocations and Actual effort
  • Identify demand “hot-spots” across different teams & roles for early remedial action
  • Complete clarity on forecasted Resource demand against capacity
  • Dynamically model Demand to better fit capacity

Scenario Planning

  • Model different future portfolios prior to selecting the agreed way forward
  • Identify the initiatives to progress using the water lining function
  • Identify the resource implications of the selected scenario for action
  • Approve and publish the agreed scenario for portfolio tracking

Cost Management

  • Complete clarity on costs vs Task plan and forecast
  • Track actual spend against forecast/plan
  • Allows accurate re-planning/re-forecasting and financial reporting
  • Report by period including weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually

Budget Tracking

  • Multi-level, “top-down” and “bottom up” budget tracking for Portfolios and Programs throughout their lifecycles
  • Complete clarity on Resource and Cost budget and delivery progress
  • Track actual spend against budget baseline to allow accurate re-forecasting and financial reporting
  • Promote forecasting consistency and best practices through shared templates

Resource Management

No business has unlimited resource, budgets, or time. Help your business to understand the value of the PMO, by enabling them with a real-time view of resource utilized (and required) within your projects and tasks. Support the leadership team to make decisions using scenario planning and help to avoid expensive emergency resource and costly project failures.

Resource Demand Planning

  • Identify potential resource capacity issues and gaps
  • Evaluate the feasability of new projects and quickly evaluate the impact of change
  • Identify what additional resource is needed to deliver the strategy
  • Provide accurate, real-time resourcing information to leadership

Resource Capacity Planning

  • Constantly assess the feasibiloty of current and future work by balancing capacity and demand
  • Improve delivery confidence and manage customer expectations
  • Assess changes quickly and make informed course corrections
  • Dynamically model demand changes to fit the capacity

Resource Supply Management

  • Centrally search and allocate the right resources to projects
  • Allocate at individual or team level
  • Search on Role/Team/Skills/Location
  • Visualize the entire resourcing position in real time

Team Resourcing

  • Provide rapid Agile team supply and financial forecasting
  • Ensure companies operating mixed models can consolidate resourcing and financial management at the same consistent level
  • Easily move a team’s supply and financial forecast when replanning

Resource Assignment Scheduling

  • Search and allocate the right resources to projects, using Role and Skill with “drag and drop” control
  • Ensure resources are happy, being used effectively and not over or underworked
  • Identify over and under allocation at the task level
  • Ensure clarity of what everyone is working on

Combined Resourcing

  • Integrate strategic resourcing and scheduling
  • Centrally supply resources to the project then locally allocate resources to individual tasks
  • Highlight where centrally allocated resources are being under or over-utilized on tasks
  • Allows constant evaluation and fine tuning of Resource decisions across the entire organization

Project Planning

All successful projects begin with good project planning. Understanding what the goals of your project are and setting out clear requirements depend on strong governance. Designing the project to meet those goals in a way that your business can support is where your experience comes into play. It’s also where our strengths in project planning help you to execute this crucial phase more easily regardless of whether you choose traditional, hybrid or Agile.

Traditional Projects

  • Predictive planning support to visualize the sequence of detailed tasks
  • Task assignment planning allows immediate assignment or request of resources
  • Multiple plan versions allow comparisons over time and the replanning of different options
  • Track and visualize task and assignment completion statuses to accurately track delivery progress

Agile Projects

  • Visibility and control of Agile projects alongside tradition and hybrid
  • Visualize, manage and track the completion status of all work levels (Epic, Feature, Story, Task, Bug etc) using the interactive Task Board
  • Consolidated governance across all types of change
  • Manage non-IT Agile work solely in KeyedIn

Gantt Charts

  • Quickly create tasks and milestones and any associated dependencies
  • Visualize the Critical Path to ensure critical tasks are delivered on time
  • Use “Drag and Drop” Task rescheduling to easily adjust start, end and duration
  • Specify custom fields to record customer specific task information

Agile Integration

    • Integrate with common Agile tools including Jira and Microsoft Azure DevOps
    • Manage approval in KeyedIn and then create associated projects in the Agile Tool
    • Get complete visibility of Agile development alongside tradition and hybrid work

MS Project Integration

    • Import from existing MS Project plans to facilitate migration to KeyedIn
    • Export KeyedIn task plans to MS Project to facilitate tracking by non KeyedIn users
    • Centralize project progress tracking and time capture


    • Track product timelines and version releases
    • Plot and visualize the timeline associated with Tasks, Deliverables, Projects and Programs
    • Specify links between different entity types to visualize “parent/child” dependencies and relationships


  • Plan and track key Deliverables with an audit trail of any agreed changes
  • Highlight overdue Deliverables automatically for action
  • Link dependent Deliverables to create a dependency network and highlight cross project implications
  • Roll-up Deliverables across any level including project, program, product, portfolio and business entity

Project Time Recording

  • Record actual time spent against a project activity, task and/or assignment
  • Record chargeable and non-chargeable time, productive and non-productive time, and standard hours and overtime hours
  • Compare plans to actuals to identify variances and remedial actions
  • Feed Financial systems to drive internal cost allocation

Project Management

Plan, track, control, and report on every detail of your projects. Deliver first-class project management each and every time and put the PMO in the driving seat.

Project Governance

  • Workflows and approval points to manage the flow of work through the organization’s lifecycle(s)
  • Portfolio Kanban to visualize and allow maintenance of the workflows
  • Easily and quickly provide ongoing audit evidence and documents, saving time and money
  • Provide up-to-date overview of governance health and areas for action

Task & Assignment Planning

  • Detailed task level assignment planning and allocation of specific individuals to maximize utilization of resources
  • Suggests suitable candidates based on the demand
  • Visualize and quickly re-allocate planned assignments based on events
  • Drag and drop allocation and re-allocation of resources

Skills Tracking

  • Manage the capability of your organization’s resource pool using a customer specific inventory of skills
  • Define skills to represent core skills, experience levels and security authorization levels
  • Allocate skills to individuals and track achievement level over time
  • Use skills in Resource requests and allocation searches to identify specific candidates

Project Financials Tracking

  • Track actual spend to identify variances and drive remedial action
  • See resource and non-resource costs separately or together and categorized by team/role or expense type
  • Consolidate projects to programs to portfolios to products to gain a multi-level view of performance to forecast

Project Resource Tracking

  • Provide the Portfolio wide resource position
  • Consolidate projects to programs to portfolios to give multi-level resource allocation views
  • Monitor allocation against requests to ensure resources are available in time
  • Immediately identify variances to drive remedial actions

Document Management

  • Upload key project documents or link to other systems using URLs
  • Version control of documents including check-out/check-in
  • Use the existence of specific documents to control project governance workflow progress
  • Real-time, always available, access to document masters from anywhere

Action Tracking

  • Record key actions arising from meetings or verbal agreements
  • Supplements the Task Plan with a PMs To Do List keeping all information in one place
  • Allocate actions to specific individuals to allow tracking and reminders
  • Configurable to your data attributes and exact business processes


  • Record key assumptions made in the project to ensure an audit trail of activity
  • Provides PMs with a full picture of the thinking and decision making processes
  • Record against specific individuals to allow tracking
  • Information is available for retrospective review and action

Lessons Learned

  • Record lessons learned during the project
  • Record to specific categories to allow analysis and searching
  • Configure each lesson learned to your own data requirements and exact business process
  • Centrally search for and review lessons learned across all projects

Status Reporting

  • Utilize an out-the-box status report showing entered progress summary, deliverables, issues, risks, tasks and financial position
  • Define and format your status report using PowerPoint
  • Retain a full history of status reports to analyze trends
  • Ensure everyone uses a consistent format and cadence for project status reporting

Project Change Requests

  • Record and manage the change request process
  • Collect specific customer defined data attributes on each change to ensure they support the exact business process
  • Define your own customer specific approval process
  • Changes are available for central review and reporting across all projects

Project Risk Management

  • Record and Track Project Risks, including the planned approach to mitigate and any contingency
  • Calculate probability vs impact to enable consistent assessment and reporting
  • Publish/Escalate significant risks for executive visibility
  • Consolidated reporting at any/all levels of the work hierarchy

Project Issue Tracking

  • Record and track project issues, including the planned actions and approach to manage resolution
  • Track Severity and issue outlook for consistent reporting
  • Allocate and track resolution actions with notifications regarding allocation and completion requirements
  • Publish/Escalate significant issues for executive visibility

Project Roadmaps

  • Easily visualize the key dates for a single project or group of projects across the organization
  • Show projects where key dependencies converge
  • Identify cross organization delivery impacts of change freezes or external events
  • Show conditional formatting and coloring depending on deliverable status

Project Deliverables

  • Consistently plan and track deliverables across all projects
  • Automatic tracking and notification of overdue deliverables
  • Maintain a full audit trail of changes to delivery dates
  • Track and manage deliverable dependencies and notify stakeholders when delivery dates change

Project Dependencies

  • Plan and track dependencies between tasks within a project
  • Identify the critical path through the project to focus and prioritize task completion on that path
  • Plan and track dependencies across dependent projects through their deliverables
  • Focus effort on critical project tasks to ensure on-time delivery

Project Milestones

  • Identify key milestones within the task plan
  • Assign ownership of the project milestones for tracking and reporting purposes
  • Associate milestones with organizational deliverables for tracking and oversight
  • Track detailed task plan milestones to ensure delivery is on track

Project Collaboration

  • Instant messaging service associating comments to a specific project or project element
  • Tracked for future audit purposes
  • On-screen and email notifications when posts or threads are created or updated
  • Avoid the need to have a separate messaging service

Project Progress Tracking

Provide your business with critical insight into your organization’s delivery and project performance. Capture data today to move your current projects along, but more importantly, learn from the past to manage future delivery more accurately.

Task Management

  • Keep delivery on track
  • Track the completion status of tasks using the Gantt or Task Board
  • Identify progress issues and facilitate replanning for unexpected events
  • Allocate/re-allocate tasks between resources to maximize the potential for successful delivery

Kanban Task Board

  • Visualize and maintain Agile delivery elements (eg Task, Story, Feature, Epic etc.)
  • Drag and Drop through a chosen completion status as work progresses
  • View and complete tasks and related child tasks
  • Provides Agile ways of working to customers who do not have an existing Agile tool

Project Tracking

    • View a breakdown of tasks and assignments to see the actual effort recorded and manage the completion status
    • Set individual or groups of tasks as a % complete or fully complete
    • Identify any variations in achievement to plan and implement any remedial actions
    • Ensure overall project delivery success

Project Time Tracking

  • Multiple entry options including weekly view or the My Work Assignment widget
  • Simple entry/approval process is supported through permissions
  • Flexible entry options for chargeability, standard/overtime, cost centre, role, custom fields and notes
  • Compare actuals to forecasts and task/asignment estimates

Mobile App

  • Quickly capture timesheets against projects, activities, tasks and assignments
  • Intuitive expense entry, submission and approval with multi-currency support
  • Easily view your task assignments
  • Access key dashboards and analytics on the move
  • Keep up to date with push notifications


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