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  • Partnership Approach to Ensure Mutually Beneficial Outcomes
  • A Configurable Solution to Meet Each Customer’s Unique Needs
  • Training on Best Practices to Ensure High Utilization

Exceptional Customer Experience

  • Maximize Your Investment with Services that Deliver Results
  • Industry Experts that Guide Your Best Path Forward
  • Community Portal and Customer User Groups to Provide Ideas and Insights

Powerful Product Innovation

  • Best-of-Breed Technology Partnerships to Enable the Highest Level of Efficiency and Success
  • A trusted Enterprise PPM Solution with Customers, Product Experts and Industry Influencers Planning Out Future Innovations

Trusted Enterprise PPM Tools that Connect Strategy-To-Execution

Whatever size your business, however many projects you are delivering, KeyedIn can help you increase the chances of success, reduce and manage risk across the entire project portfolio and keep costs under close control. It works across the entire project lifecycle, helping you to select, prioritize and manage multiple projects across the entire organization based on your resource capability, financial constraints and strategic goals. This results in enhanced reporting, increased responsiveness and a richer understanding of the potential consequences of every change in individual project scope.

What Do We Do?

Top-Down Portfolio Management for Investment-Led Decision-Making

Discover how KeyedIn Enterprise delivers the visibility and control needed to put your PMO front and center on your organization’s journey to strategic success.

Strategic Alignment

Create alignment between the business and the PMO with value-based alignment features. Ensure investments support the goals of the organization and teams are spending time on projects that matter most to the business.

Portfolio Selection and Prioritization

Evaluate and invest in the projects that create value for the business. Balance strategic and maintenance work to ensure resources are deployed to maximize effort. Portfolio selection and prioritization ensures the right work is being taken on and you always have a backlog of projects for when priorities shift.

Resource Capacity Planning

Gain visibility and insight into the capacity of resources and measure that against the demand to ensure you have adequate resources to complete projects. Understand the impact of changes on resource capacity and make better decisions equipped with that information.

Product Portfolio Management

Keep products on track and aligned with strategic outcomes with product portfolio management. Create and build portfolio roadmaps and consolidate all work types into a single portfolio for better management and increased efficiency.

Portfolio Reporting

Communicate with stakeholders and business leaders with portfolio level reporting. Get accurate data in real time into the hands that need it. Custom reporting and automated sends allow for leaders to make informed decisions.

Adaptive Project Management for Project Delivery and Execution

Discover how KeyedIn Enterprise enables continuous delivery through a rich feature set that centralizes all of your PMO’s projects, tasks, resources and reports in one easy-to-use solution.

Project Governance

Don’t sacrifice quality for efficiency – instill governance throughout the PMO and automate workflows for seamless management and tracking. Adhere to compliance and regulations without holding up progress or adding red tape.

Project Planning and Tracking

From intake to execution, plan projects and align with resource constraints for better project outcomes. Track and measure project milestones and report on progress every step of the way.

Project Resource Management

Plan, manage, and measure resource effectiveness for improved resource management. Forecast resource needs and capture budget vs. actuals for improved forecast accuracies. Make changes and stay aligned to hit targets.

Project Management

Manage projects throughout the lifecycle of delivery for better outcomes and quicker delivery. Consolidate project information for better collaboration and communication on project-related activities. Manage to deliverables and hit targets for all projects.

Project Time & Expense Management

Capture project actuals and report on metrics for definitive project success. Improve success rates and get accurate scoping with centralized information and accurate data.

Dashboards and Analytics

Improve project performance and gain insights into all projects within the portfolio with dashboards and analytics. Identify red flags early and provide leaders with visibility into the entire portfolio of projects for better support, buy-in, and insights.

What can your PMO expect from KeyedIn?

PPM Software that Transforms the Way Your PMO Delivers Insight Led-Decision Making Across Value Based Outcomes

Cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) software may have begun as an efficient way to organize the completion of tasks, today the project/portfolio management office (PMO) requires something more. By moving beyond tasks and timelines alone, the modern PMO demands value-driven PPM software for dynamic PPM leaders, who now sit at the forefront of business transformation and strategy realization. KeyedIn enables this value-driven approach to enterprise projects by providing software solutions that encompass the entire project portfolio lifecycle: from strategic planning, portfolio analysis and capacity planning to resource assignments, task management and customized reporting.

Respond to Market Conditions by Streamlining Initiatives for Higher Strategic Value

The most significant obstacle to a PMO's success is not doing too little, but rather doing too much. When every initiative is important and urgent, none of them are. This lack of portfolio prioritization becomes even more challenging as the rate of change in business increases exponentially. The right PPM tools can break through these barriers to success by enabling the PMO to respond to market conditions by streamlining initiatives for higher strategic value. With KeyedIn, the processes for selecting and executing the most valuable projects is simplified, allowing the PMO to quickly take advantage of opportunities - or respond to threats - in a changing market.

Realign Shifting Priorities with Adaptive Portfolio Prioritization and Funding

An organization's priorities can shift in a matter of weeks, or even days, because of new innovations, competitive threats, natural disasters and more. To accommodate these changes, a single annual plan that the PMO operates against - regardless of what's happening in the market - is no longer sufficient. A more flexible, adaptive portfolio management process is required. KeyedIn enables the PMO to quickly realign shifting priorities with adaptive portfolio prioritization and funding, ensuring the most valuable projects get the right level of focus, even as organizational objectives change.

Modernize Governance with an Adaptive Outcome-Centric Approach

The command-and-control governance structures of the past are no longer relevant in a business environment filled with a myriad of work styles and methodologies. Instead, PMO leaders must strike a delicate balance between the flexibility needed for fast, effective project delivery, while still maintaining enough control to ensure a quality project is delivered in accordance with company policies and past lessons learned. Project portfolio management tools from KeyedIn allow the PMO to modernize their governance structures with an adaptive outcome-centric approach that favors agility and results over any one methodology or project structure.

Revolutionize Resource Management with Dynamic Demand and Capacity Planning

As project priorities change, resource requirements change with them. No factor will hinder the success of a strategic project more than a lack of the right resources needed to execute. With the KeyedIn PPM application, the PMO can revolutionize resource management, thanks to dynamic demand modelling - which automatically shifts resource requests as forecasted demand changes - and capacity planning, which provides an accurate assessment of the resources required and available for a given portfolio project, factoring in skillsets, time off, productive capacity and many other elements.

Drive a Greater Return on Investment by Aligning Funding with Business Value and Desired Outcomes

Strategic alignment - the notion that initiatives within the project portfolio support a company's strategy and objectives - is only as good as the budget that supports it. Without putting the right funding behind the most valuable projects, alignment is just a theoretical exercise. Yet managing that budget can be daunting with constantly shifting priorities. KeyedIn solves this dilemma and enables the PMO to drive a greater return on investment by aligning funding with business value and desired outcomes. By dynamically adjusting budget and resources as portfolio priorities change, KeyedIn ensures the initiatives that will deliver the greatest business value - and the most strategic outcomes - are staffed and funded to succeed.

Increase Delivery Speed and Time to Value by Connecting Hybrid Ways of Working

Once a project portfolio is optimized for business value and desired outcomes, effective project execution becomes the key to realizing those outcomes. With so many teams typically involved in project delivery - the PMO, developers, designers, accountants and so forth - it's unrealistic to expect every group to accomplish its work using the same portfolio project management tools. Therefore, one of the key purposes of a PPM system is to increase delivery speed and time to value by connecting hybrid ways of working. KeyedIn accomplishes this by bringing together a variety of project methodologies - from Waterfall to Agile and everything in between - into a single portfolio that combines complete visibility with faster execution.

Empower Teams with a Best-Practice Approach to Mixed Execution Methods

Different project methodologies support different project types. While Agile methods are often best for software development, the IT infrastructure team may rely on a Waterfall approach to deploy new servers, and many teams will use a hybrid approach that doesn't fall into just one category. KeyedIn allows the PMO to empower teams with a best-practice approach to mixed execution methods. By integrating with a variety of key systems where project work is accomplished - such as Agile development tools like Jira or ITSM systems like Cherwell - KeyedIn gives the PMO visibility across the entire portfolio while still allowing execution teams to work in whatever tool suits them best.

Enable Teams to Learn, Adapt and React to Deliver Greater Customer Value

Improving outcomes and providing greater value to customers and stakeholders requires the PMO and project resources to always be learning. As a central hub for project activity happening around the organization, KeyedIn captures PPM analytics that can be displayed and analyzed in custom dashboards to help shape best practices and lessons learned. Armed with data-driven insights provided by KeyedIn, the PMO can enable project teams to learn, adapt and react to deliver greater customer value.

Improve Executive Line of Sight with Increased Visibility and Accountability

Keeping executive stakeholders apprised of the PMO's efforts and progress can become its own full-time job as regular status reports have to be manually compiled and distributed using less-than-reliable data. KeyedIn changes this paradigm to improve executive line of sight with increased visibility and accountability. By bringing together all project-related data into customized dashboards that can be tailored to meet executive needs - and which feature convenient exports to Excel and PowerPoint - KeyedIn provides real-time updates on the status and progress of portfolio projects, providing complete visibility and organizational accountability. Plus, customizable data boxes to allow executives to manage by exception rather than spending hours trying to separate what's important from what's just noise.

Improve Productivity With KeyedIn

"KeyedIn Projects has been a great addition to our project execution process. It helps us work better and become more productive at work. We are able to efficiently plan resource capacity, divide and assign tasks, collaborate effectively and efficiently manage our time. It allows us to also carry stakeholders and clients along as they can also view project progress whenever they like."

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Your Path to PPM Success

Discover everything you need to effectively deploy a Project Portfolio Management solution in your organization.

Top Down Portfolio Management for Strategic Business Alignment.

By aligning projects with strategic objectives from the beginning, you can ensure you are investing your resources into projects that support business goals. Keep projects aligned with a highly intuitive PPM program that enables you to re-evaluate projects and ensure you are always executing on the highest value work.

Resource Planning - Simplified

Get accurate resource forecasting with capacity and demand planning, what-if scenario modeling, and role based planning models. Plan and manage resources across the portfolio with role based and skill based planning capabilities. Know what resources are working on and align them with what is important to the business.

Report Project Performance at the Portfolio Level

IT Portfolio Management provides visibility at the portfolio level so you can make decisions and have a strategic impact on the business. Manage projects and resources across the portfolio for better resource utilization and agility. Ensure your PMO is always working on the right projects for the business - all the time.

Manage Projects from Ideation Through Execution and Reporting

Comprehensive portfolio project management software provides project managers with a full suite of tools to manage projects throughout the lifecycle. Keep all project data in one system for centralized visibility and reporting. Understand project status at every stage and manage resources for better project planning and execution.

Capture Day To Day Project Work For Up To Date Health Status.

Work management software provides teams the ability to identify red flags early and understand the impact of potential changes before they are made. Gain insight into project tasks, dependencies and deliverables for seamless management and reporting. Collaborate and store relevant project documents so you never have to go searching for the data you need.

Centralize Project Data to Save Time and Money.

Consolidate information and easily view redundant costs. Keep stakeholders informed and up to date with accurate reporting and dashboards. SaaS project portfolio management software enables you to gain visibility and organize projects - across the entire portfolio. KeyedIn integrates with other key systems to ensure you have all the data in one place for better reporting and decision making.

Get Better Processes and Compliance with IT Governance Solutions

Instill project governance for repeatable performance excellence. Meet compliance standards and understand your cost of governance with portfolio management solutions from KeyedIn.

Manage and Track Project Budgets

Keep projects on time and on budget with financial management you can rely on. Track project performance against budgets to ensure you are delivering on the goals of the project. Set realistic expectations using accurate budget information.

Project Reporting and Analytics

Portfolio analytics provide insights for all project stakeholders - from executives to end users. Configurable dashboards enable you to track the KPIs you care about and monitor project performance every step of the way.