The Christmas Movie Project – Which project are you managing?

Lindsey Marymont

The holidays have got us flipping through movies and we couldn’t help but notice a resemblance of holiday movies and projects we manage. Take our holiday movie quiz and for an extra challenge, match them up to the project scenarios below. Check our Twitter feed in the New Year for the answers and feel free to provide your responses with #KeyedInMovieProject to see let us know how you did.

Take the Quiz!

___ Unsupervised projects that run resulting in chaos and needing to defend itself against other projects trying to steal resources like candy from a baby.

___ Project not quite ready to be deemed complete, but goes out in the real world and discovers it’s not quite like the others.

___ The impossible project that keeps going wrong and requires stealth and undercover operations to pull off. 

___ The project that needs take care of its little brother project and can’t move to the next phase until it’s brother gets there too. This is the project that wants to have its own set of materials but the project manager thinks that is just dangerous.

___ A project that needs to relive its previous versions in order to advance to the next phase. This is a project that must envision what it will be like if it continues down the road it is going in order to course correct before it's too late.

___ A project that isn’t quite like the others and doesn’t like to play nice with other projects. This project tries to steal resources and ruin all the other projects until it realizes it can be successful too, even more so, if it works with the other projects and not against it. 

___ The project that is financially unstable and in jeopardy of being cutoff. A few others need to step in to help get this project back in the green.

___ A resource that finds itself in a different project and brings elements of that project back to his original project.

___ A project with a troublesome resource that keeps influencing and creating more disruptions. Pretty soon this project is in jeopardy if it can not tamed and eliminate the risky components.

___ The project that gets cut out of the portfolio until realizing that the rest of the projects need it in order to survive. A look at what the portfolio would be like without this key project enables the team to understand the importance of each project.

___ A project that replaces a different project as a temporary fix but ends up being exactly what was needed. Despite doubts from stakeholders and critics, this project proves to be even better and more successful than the original.

___ A project that seems like it will be extremely dangerous and harmful, but once you get involved it is actually a well planned, extremely necessary project. You might need to defend this one quite a bit as it looks like it will be risky, but it will prove worthwhile in the end.