TSW Fall 2018 Recap

Jeff Wilson

Ahh…Las Vegas, Nevada.  Sunshine, concerts, shows, gambling, spas, fine dining, and cRaZiNeSs.  Sin City.  We all know what Vegas about.  When we think of Las Vegas, we normally don’t think of a massive gathering of Technology and Services professionals.  But the Technology and Services World (TSW) conference that was held in mid-october brought in legions of attendees eager to learn ways to improve their work

The TSW) convention was held at the amazing Aria hotel and conference center.  Can you say posh, high class, luxe, and top-shelf?  What a resort.  First off, the name of semi-annual convention was updated from Technology Services World to Technology and Services World.  Why the addition to the name?  Easy, to better reflect the hyper-growth of Professional Services (PS) in our industry and to better align meaningful content, networking opportunities, and education to the rapidly growing attendees who work in the Services world. In fact, this TSW had over 3,500 attendees which is more than double the attendance from the same event a mere twelve months earlier. 

As a global leader in the Professional Services Automation (PSA) industry, we at KeyedIn thoroughly enjoyed the event.  We participated in the following levels of the event:

  1. Attendees (ie. The Students)—we were able to attend three days of Keynote presentations and breakout sessions.  The quality of the presentations was phenomenal.  It allowed our team the opportunity to learn tips, tricks, best practices, and lessons learned that apply directly to our company objectives.  Although every company is different, the challenges we all face in our day-to-day work are quite similar.  We’re all looking to improve and it was fun learn from those in the trenches.  There was a lot of buzz around new concepts like “swarming” (no pun intended), LAER Models, AI, Customer Engagement and Employee Engagement. 
  2. Presenters (ie. The Teachers)—we were invited to teach on a very controversial topic, the “Death of the Billable Hour: How Moving to a Fix Bid Model can Drive both Happy Customers and Profits.” Our very own VP of Global Professional Services, Tim Short, along with the VP of Professional Services at Ivanti, Cannon Kuch stepped up to the challenge and shared the philosophies, successes, and challenges associated with their respective company’s switch to the fix bid model.  The packed room of attendees peppered the hosts with excellent questions, their personal journeys, and the art of the possible for their organizations.  Needless to say, the session ran long because everyone wanted to dig deeper into this concept than the time allowed.  Thanks to Tim and Cannon for being thought leaders in this space!
  3. Exhibitors (ie. The Solutionists or the Shirt Booth)—From those casual browsers to those who wanted full demos of KeyedIn Projects, everyone joked with us about the shirts that we were giving away.  With the 3,500 PS leaders in attendance, every person could relate to the following shirts:
    1. “Professional Services—we do precision guess work, based on unreliable data, provided by those with questionable knowledge”
    2. “Implementation Specialist—only because…full-time multi-tasking ninja, is not an actual job title”
    3. “I’m a Consultant.  To save time, let’s just assume I’m always right.”

Here at KeyedIn, we’re honored to be considered your peers, students, teachers, as well as a global leader in the PSA space.  We truly love our team.  We relish the memories made and the friendships that we made at TSW.  We are so excited about the positive response that we received from our presentation and from our booth.  We are excited to see the impact that KeyedIn Projects will make in the lives of the PS organizations that are implementing KeyedIn along with the ideas gained from the conference.  And, we took away so much from the event that we no longer believe the old adage of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.